About Me

First things first, I'm Stephanie and welcome to the battle! A little about me...

I'm 28 (wow where does the time go?) and am originally from the sticks of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Yes, all the typical stereotypes apply.

I grew up surrounded by garden fresh vegetables but LOTS of meat and potatoes type meals (so I unfortunately have an unhealthy relationship with beef and carbs). Besides food, which is probably my number one obsession, I also love horrible reality TV, every kind of music under the sun, and read books like crazy. My passion has always been writing, hence the blog! I also have a passion for cookies. I will go to any lengths to consume cookies and will try any kind of cookie at least once.

It should also be mentioned that the views expressed on my blog are solely my own. I am not an expert on anything (except tv theme lyrics and 80s one hit wonder bands).

I live in the Boston area with my 2 spoiled bratty cats Mica and Bailey. No I'm not a crazy cat lady, I prefer dogs, it's just that cats are easier to move around with in the city as most places won't take dogs.

I work in the financial industry and I get to travel a lot. This is a good thing because I LOVE to travel, but also a bad thing because it's harder to stay healthy when you don't have a consistent schedule and have access to lots and lots of delicious but bad-for-you restaurant food when you're on the road (and it's technically free, so why not have an appetizer, full dinner, AND dessert, right?).

Now the mindset behind the blog...I was always a normal weight until I hit college. Once I started college and met my then boyfriend Jay, we gained 30 pounds together...each. After college, and realizing that I no longer liked having my picture taken for fear that I would look fat, I knew something had to change. I hit my highest weight of 170 when I was 22. I lost 15 pounds through exercise and eating better (but still not well) and have sort of been yo-yoing back and forth between 145 and 155 ever since. I am on a mission to lose the extra weight and hopefully get down to a healthy weight. I am not so much focused on a number but how my body looks. I would like to be much more toned of course :) I eat as healthy as I can, but have a lot of trouble with my raging sweet tooth.

This blog is going to help me document my workouts, and keep me accountable to what I actually eat since I always underestimate. I eat out a lot and also want to showcase my meals out at all the different restaurants I try. I am also going to talk about other things besides food just to keep it interesting...life is all about balance after all! Oh and I also say inappropriate things from time to time ;)

Thanks for joining me on my journey!