Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bosphorus Mediterranean Restaurant

Hi friends!

As I mentioned Friday and Monday, Friday night date night with the boy last week, we decided to try out Bosphorus in Cambridge. I have been wanting to try this place out since I got back from DC last month because I love Turkish food. So in honor of Cinco de Mayo...oh wait, that's a Spanish holiday. Perhaps I should have reviewed a Mexican restaurant for you guys today! Whoops, my bad.

We made a reservation for 7, which we later changed to 6 when the boy got out of work early and had no problem doing so. We were offered our choice of booth or a seat by the window and the staff was very friendly.

The decor inside is maroon and gold with natural wood accents. Simple but lovely. There is a lengthy bar (that was empty) but with only 2 beers on tap, that was to be expected.

I started with a glass of Riesling, not really because I wanted it but more because it was date night and I felt the need to be fancy. My fanciness wore off as soon as the boy ordered a soda after I ordered my wine. So much for romance ;)

The waitstaff brought out complimentary hot pita bread and a roasted red pepper dipping sauce that was quite good, albeit a little spicy for me. The boy gave it two thumbs up though.

We decided to get two appetizers. We started with the Cacik (yogurt mixed with diced cucumber, dill, herbs, garlic, and drizzled olive oil). You may remember this as the dip I was drooling over from Agora.

It was not as good here, but still delicious. I must must must make this at home. And eat it three meals a day. For our second appetizer, we went with the Borek, which is phyllo dough stuffed with your choice of feta cheese, spinach, or beef. We decided to get two of the feta cheese and two of the spinach. The spinach was excellent (especially dipped in the you can see since only one of the spinach ones made it to the photo). The feta cheese one was good as well, but if I were ordering this for myself, I would have gone with all spinach.

For my entree I ordered the Mixed Kebab with lamb, beef, and chicken with a side of rice pilaf and sauteed vegetables. I thought the pilaf was amazing, as were the vegetables (except for the carrots, which I picked out). The kebabs were very juicy and tender, cooked to perfection.

For dessert I went with the safe choice of the baklava since the boy seemed a little bit afraid of the other more out-of-the-box choices they had on the menu. I figured I couldn't go wrong with the baklava. He didn't really like it, but I actually thought it was the best baklava I've ever had. Take my word, not his, he doesn't know good food.

To polish off the meal, I ordered a Turkish coffee. Don't be fooled by the picture, it actually comes in an espresso-sized cup. I loved the cup and matching spoon, but apparently these cannot be bought anywhere around me :( The coffee was strong like espresso and had a dark smoky flavor that I loved. A perfect end to the meal.

I really enjoyed Bosphorus. The boy was not crazy about it, but if you love Mediterranean/Turkish food, I highly recommend trying it.

Have you ever tried Turkish coffee? Do you like espresso after your meal like I do?

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  1. Now THAT is a spoon you should be eating your oatmeal with. Love Turkish coffee and that cup is so cute! Fresh pita bread and ANY dipping sauce is something I can't resist. I always end up filling up on that.. still manage to eat my entire meal, but yeah. The baklava looks good although I always find it too sweet!

  2. You can find similar espresso cup/plate sets at any of the markets in watertown on Mt Auburn St. They've got a bunch of different designs too.

  3. Love Turkish coffee! I went to a Turkish festival this past fall and i was the first time I tried anything Turkish (well, except...nevermind) Anyways, I love how strong the coffee was. The food I wasn't a huge fan of though. Those mixed kebabs look absolutely fantastic.

  4. I always feel weird ordering booze at dinner when Darren doesn't. It's like come on, have a drink, pleaaaaase. Also, never had Turkish food.

  5. Wow that meal looks amazing!! I loooove Mediterranean restaurants. I've actually never tried turkish coffee, and NEVER drink espresso after a meal. I'd never fall asleep!

  6. Oh man, I want baklava so badly right now! That looks delicious. Occassionally at really fancy restaurants, the Dude and I will get espresso. It always tastes so good (maybe because we know we just spent a lot of money, ha)!

  7. The baklava looks awesome. Yum!
    I've never had Turkish coffee but the SIL always brags on Greek coffee and how it's basically sped. I would assume the two are similar?

  8. Yum - this looks and sounds awesome. The baklava looks like it would melt in your mouth. Yum.

  9. I want to try the kebab when I go. I'm glad you liked it. I'll definitely get it now. So...when are we going?

  10. I LOVE Turkish food! Turkish coffee is a bit too sweet and thick for me, but I love Turkish tea. So strong!

  11. I've heard so many good reviews about Bosphorus! Those feta cheese rolls look awesome. And that coffee cup and saucer is so cute!