Friday, April 23, 2010

Buy Local!

Random non-meal related post...I know I promised to go back to detailing my meals for you guys, and I will, starting tonight...I already packed my camera to take photos of my eats tonight! I have a lovely dinner scheduled at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Mexico Lindo, right around the corner from my house!

So for now, no photos...but here is what I have eaten today. Breakfast was my usual oatmeal with almonds and pumpkin butter with a half a scoop of protein powder (YUM!) and I originally brought broccoli slaw with mandarin oranges to enjoy for my lunch with a bowl of organic applesauce with granola and cinnamon for dessert but decided that I wanted to hit up my local farmer's market for some produce today seeing as how I have not been shopping since Jay and I got back from DC and my fridge is looking EMPTY. Soooo...the market that I go to, Mann's Orchard in Methuen, always has a lunch menu going on so after checking out today's menu online and seeing a D-licious sounding roasted turkey sandwich with avocado and muenster cheese, the broccoli slaw took a back seat ;) I still ate the applesauce and granola as an appetizer though and damn was it yummy ;) I ate only half the sandwich because it was kind of big for me and was actually disappointed. The sandwich tasted really bland and just blah despite all of the wonderful sounding flavors. I was half expecting the bread to be toasted which it wasn't...the best part of the sandwich was actually the pickle on the side sadly. Typically I love their lunch offerings, but today was a definite miss. That being said, I scored a TON of produce for only $26!!! I got:

2 avocados
1 bunch of radishes
1 lb bag of spinach
2 lb bag of romaine
4 Cortland apples
3 oranges
3 kiwis
1 cucumber
1 lb strawberries
1 bunch of bananas

I briefly considered buying a mango and some pears as well but mango chopping is a little too much effort than I am willing to do today. I used to buy mangoes a lot and chop them when Jay and I lived in Braintree, but now I get them prechopped at Trader Joe's and they are delicious and cheap so that's how I roll with mangoes. I didn't get the pears because I had already bought so much other fruit that I didn't want anything going bad before I could eat it so I will save the pears for next week most likely because they did look pretty tasty!

So relating to my post title, I have to tell all of my readers that I think it's really important to buy local produce when you can. Produce in the supermarket comes from thousands of miles away and was picked when it wasn't ripe, therefore, most likely artificially ripened. It's also important to support our local farmer's so that they can stay in the business of offering us the freshest produce. There. That's my green-friendly lesson for the day.

Now it's off to the hospital to get a CT scan on my face. In case you didn't already know, I have been sick for a month now with severe congestion, sinus pain, headaches, etc. and have already gone through a round of antibiotics with no success. So my doctor thinks that it's possible I have a chronic fungal infection in my sinuses and thus ordered the CT scan for me today, so think good thoughts!

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