Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ten of the Worst Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner friends! Today I wanted to list for you the worst possible Valentine's Day gifts. These gifts are to remind all of you single girls why it's better to be single than to get these things and a list for you attached girls to print and give to your boyfriend/husband/dog as a DO NOT.

1. Snuggie. I know some of you may think this is an awesome gift, but it's not. Anything that says "Just Like on TV" is not an acceptable gift.

2. Tools. This happened to my mother once, true story. She cried. It was ugly.

3. Love coupons. The gift that keeps on giving, right? Wrong. All love coupons do is show your significant other just how lazy and cheap you really are.

4. A Gym membership. Nothing says I love you like I think you need to go to the gym...because what that really says is "get your ass in shape fatso"

5. A tattoo. This may be the worst gift ever. If you get one for yourself with your honey's name on it, that shit is PERMANENT. Unless you plan on only dating people with the same name as your current squeeze (or you think you're going to be together forever you think) you are going to regret that ink.

6. Singing stuffed animals. Yes, it's fun to press the tummies of every single one of them at Walgreen's just to annoy the people that work there, but it's not fun to actually get one.

7. Electrical appliances. Pointing out the domesticity of your wife or girlfriend is not going to go over well. Yes, she wants appliances. As wedding gifts from cousins, not from her husband or boyfriend when she is expecting jewelry or flowers.

8. Money. Sure everyone loves money, but giving your girl money shows her that you couldn't be bothered to put the thought or effort into getting her an actual gift. Though some girls might actually like this, I think it's horribly tacky.

9. Christmas candy. Nothing says cheap like getting candy off the clearance rack just because it happens to be in a red box and could possibly be passed off as Valentine's Day candy. You're not fooling anyone cheapskate!

10. Anything Valentine's Day themed. Mugs, keychains, t-shirts. Anything that says or implies Valentine's Day is not a good gift. These are generic gifts that you get when you have absolutely no idea what else to get...wise up boys. Get flowers.

What is the worst Valentine's Day gift that you've received? Anything to add to this list?


  1. I was brought to Home Depot on a Valentine's Day date once... for wood glue... this isn't Valentine's but this is the same boyfriend who bought me a real smoke detector just because I was "hot" a Christmas gift... or birthday - I can't remember. I pick winnnners.

  2. This is too funny! I actually have been with my husband since we were 18, so luckily he's always gotten V-day right - be it a big gift or small one :)

  3. Dang it! I guess I will have to go return my snuggie that I packed in a giant Valentines Day tin! bummer :)

  4. I'd take money! I'm a broke bitch right now. I'm considering charging at this point.

    I once got a frying pan for Valentine's Day. Yeah, I know.

  5. I once got an UNSIGNED card. REALLY?! that relationship didn't last very long...

  6. Those are good ones! I'm so lucky to never have gotten anything bad, but then again i didn't have too many valentines, oh well!

  7. I would actually love to get something kitchen related for valentines day - even though my husband and I are not exchanging gifts (or cards) in order to save some money.

    A kitchen gift, to me, would be thoughtful because I love to cook.

    I can definitely see how some other people would hate that!

  8. I was at the store today and the cashier was talking about having to work until 9:00 on Valentine's day. The poor young innocent bagger girl acted shocked that people would be shopping that late on Valentine's Day. "People will have already bought their flowers and cards before then!" She said. I said "You don't know Men! They wait until the very last minute! At 9:00 58 mem will be gathered around the slim pickings in the card department and end up buying their wife a card that says to my Mother because that is all that is left!!" HAHAHA Like February 14 just snuck up on them! Helloooo! They had a whole year to plan! 8]

  9. GREAT list.

    I don't really get into the V-Day spirit. Never have, even when I had a boyfriend. I just personally don't see the point in it. BUT, that's me. :)

  10. Lingerie that's the wrong size. Ouch!

  11. One guy gave me money one year and I felt like a prostitute or something. Um, no.

  12. hahah this is awesome! especially #4!