Monday, February 7, 2011

Wicked Restaurant

Happy day after the Superbowl! So glad the Packers won. In case you didn't know, the day after the Superbowl is the most called in sick day of the year. Luckily for me I didn't have to call in sick because today is a travel day...I'm heading to Washington DC! I have some guest posts lined up for you guys and I'm going to try to post as much as possible while I'm away.

In the meantime, after all the less than stellar restaurants I've been visiting lately, I finally found one that I love. For lunch yesterday I met up with my friend Emily from college to try a new restaurant at Legacy Place in Dedham, Wicked Restaurant. They also have a location in Mashpee.

The restaurant advertises it's "wood kissed pizza" on the sign, but in all honesty, the major draw of the restaurant is that almost everything is organic, freshly prepared, and locally acquired. The decor inside is a little funky, yet cozy. We were lucky enough to go during lunch when it was not busy and therefore got a booth, however, the tables in the middle looked very close together (something I really hate at a restaurant). Other than that, the restaurant was very open, and even appeared to have a loft area with tables.

Oh yeah, and we had a TV in our booth. HUGE bonus points for that. Who doesn't love being able to watch Jerry Springer while munching on pizza???

The menu does consist of more than just pizza, with a decent sized appetizer menu, selection of sandwiches and regular entrees.

To start with, we decided to start with the Parmesan Fries with Truffle Oil. Wow these were delicious. While a little overcooked and a little under-cheesed (yes that's a made up word, but whatever) I would still highly recommend getting them because they give you a good amount for only $5.

Of course we had to get pizza since that's kind of what they are known for. We went with the Margherita. Not very adventurous, I know, but a lot of the pizzas had either onions or mushrooms and their Margherita pizza had kalamata olives on it. I LOVE kalamata olives so it was the only logical choice. It did not disappoint. This may have actually taken over Bertuccis for my favorite Margherita pizza. The crust was perfectly soft and chewy and the flavors melded beautifully.

The dessert menu has a little bit of everything and has something for everyone. We settled on the Chocolate Torte. The Torte was extremely rich and sinfully chocolatey. It was the perfect amount to split and came with homemade whipped cream and raspberry sauce.

At the end of the meal, our waitress gave us the Wicked rewards card. I love it when restaurants do this. There are a few restaurants that I go to a lot and I think it would be nice if they had the same sort of rewards system for frequent customers. Thankfully, I liked Wicked so much that I will definitely be going back again and again.

What is your favorite pizza topping? Do any of your favorite restaurants have rewards programs?

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  1. Ohh - that pizza sounds good, and if it rivals Bertucci's! ...I'm in! haha

  2. Everything looks delicious! There is nothing like finding a great go-to restaurant. Unfortunately I don't think there are any rewards programs in NYC - just lots of expensive places to eat :)

  3. I made the mistake of reading this post while I'm hungry! I am now salivating! That place looks awesome!

  4. I am sooo plain when it comes to pizza and usually go for just cheese! I need to venture out!!!

  5. I love green olives on my pizza!! But enough about pizza! It's all about the balls! I'm dying to know how to make the carrot cake balls! You left the balls hanging when you left for your work trip!! Awkward! We need the recipe ASAP!!!! 8]

  6. Gah, I hate when I read about restaurants that are far away but look amazing! I am adding it to my list on Yelp though in case I am ever in your hood.

    Kalamata olives are awesome and I definitely don't eat them enough. I like mushrooms, pepperoni and jalapenos on my pizza. If a little goat cheese seems to find it's way on there as well, I wouldn't be mad.

  7. I've been wanting to try this place. It sounds great. We should meet up there when you get back from your trip!