Friday, January 28, 2011

Going to the Store Before a Storm IS Important

Now I know why people go to the grocery store in droves as though the apocalypse is coming before a snow storm. The fear of having no food.

Yes, my refrigerator is practically empty. Don't be fooled, it's mostly condiments, beer, and random hodgepodge things in there. I can't really live on olives, mozzarella, and cream cheese. I let the boy take my car to work Wednesday and he got home late, so at that point the roads were too bad for me to brave the storm to go to the supermarket to obtain supplies for my snow day yesterday.

I managed to make a good breakfast...I had oatmeal with my favorite thing ever, Trader Joe's pumpkin butter. I also added walnuts and some protein powder as well.

Yes, I stockpile the pumpkin butter when it pops up on shelves in the fall because I need enough to last me a whole year. It is a seasonal item after all. A seasonal item that I can't live without in the dead of summer.

Lunch was another was actually eaten in bits and pieces. Basically because bits and pieces was all I had. So I ate some of this...

And some of these...

And a chunk of this...

A bunch of veggie chips and a red bell pepper were also involved. I would've made a sandwich with that turkey but I didn't have any bread. I didn't even have any cans of soup floating around in the cabinet. How is that even possible? I go to the grocery store practically every other day.

On the bright side, I got a special delivery today courtesy of Rachel over at The Avid Appetite!

Now Eat This! by Rocco DiSpirito. The book didn't come with all of those colorful stickers in it, I put those on the recipes I want to make. I know what you're, she's super organized! No I'm really not. This is really the extent of my organizational skills. I am excited to try to make a few of my favorite foods in a healthier way. I will be sure to feature them for you guys if they come out good!

After lunch and pouring over my new cookbook for a good half hour, I settled in to get a little work done and catch up on my DVR. That's when I noticed Creepy McCreeperson.

I swear I don't know why she's so weird. She stares a lot, like she's trying to win a contest. I tell her all the time she creeps me out. But I love her anyway. The boy told me that cats can see ghosts and maybe that's what she's looking at all the time. If that were true there was a ghost in my lap yesterday because she is clearly staring at ME.

Since we had no food in the house, the boy was nice enough to grab dinner on the way home in the form of mexican takeout. I went with chicken quesadillas from our go to place in Waltham, Tango Mango. If you are ever in the area, check it out, they have amazing homemade chips served still warm. Their prices also can't be beat.

Back to work this morning. Rumors of another snow storm next week are circulating (kill me now).

What do you do when you have no food in the house? Do you keep an emergency stash of soups/frozen items on hand? Do you always go to the store before a storm?


  1. I'll usually trek on over to Boloco if it's an emergency and I need food. I always try and stock up before a storm - oooh, the New Englander in me - but I also have contingency plans if the power goes that all my goodness doesn't go to waste!! At my mom's - we usually stick stuff in a cooler out on the my apartment, I have neither a cooler or a deck, but I do have the tiniest of fire escapes. So...if the power does ever go out... I'll be that cool kid with a box of perishables chillin on her fire escape in the snow. haha

  2. HAHA oh man Bailey is DEFINITELY creepy sitting over there!!!! my cat does that to me too sometimes...what are they staring at? maybe they are thinking WE are the weirdos!! I have to say - Bailey does find strange spots that she deems "comfortable"

    I had Mexican last night as well! Margaritas in Revere :-) sunburst salad!

    Your post is also reminding me to get try and find some pumpkin butter myself - you got me hooked!!

    PS that bark is making me hungry

  3. I hoard pumpkin butter too! We just had TJ's move into my area back in October and I was so excited. (My family's from LA so every time we go back we have to go to TJ's.)
    I had read about pumpkin butter and thought I would try it out. By the time I got around to it I discovered I loved it so I wanted to buy more.
    Oh no! They were all out!
    Then I went shopping for Thanksgiving meal ingredients and saw it on the shelf again. I couldn't get it into my bag fast enough. My dad, the one carrying the bag, just laughed at me.
    I have 7 unopened jars right now. I wonder how long they'll last. :D

  4. When we have hurricanes, we have to stock up on alot of non perishable foods and when the power finally goes out, quickly eat the stuff that will go bad in the fridge/freezer. I am now a pro at making some really good stuff with canned chicken!

  5. If we have no food in the house...we definitely go and grocery shop! I hate an empty fridge...esp. when we are out of produce!

  6. hi there! just happened upon your blog and am also from the boston area. ALSO love TJ'S pumpkin butter!

  7. SO happy you like the book! I really think it is fantastic. I haven't made too much yet, but what I have made has been amazing. I highly, highly recommend his blue cheese dressing (though without the garlic!) - my husband and I have vowed to never to back to bottled blue cheese ever again!!

  8. I've never had pumpkin butter.

    Can't wait to see what you make out of Rocco's book!

  9. That'd never be a problem at my parents' house. They hoard everything!!

  10. I love how much I relate to the feeling of New England winters and pre-storm grocery trips. We usually always make a run before the storm at my house, although our regular Sunday shopping trips keep us set for the week :) I had a question about your oats, how does protein powder taste in them? I always debate adding it but dont know if it will make them funky tasting or gritty. What kind do you use?

  11. your cat is so funny! When I saw your TJs pumpkin butter I got immediately jealous. I bought an extra jar but it is just about gone =(

  12. I do go to the store before a storm sometimes, but it's usually an excuse to eat snacks I don't really need. The thing that makes me laugh is how so many stores get low on milk and bread before a storm. WHAT are people doing with all that milk and bread?

  13. My sister-in-law made me pumpkin butter from good!!

    I always seem to be forgetting to go to the store before these huge snowstorms and then having to piece together meals. You would think by the fourth one Id have learned my lesson!'

    PS just added you to my blogroll!

  14. I love the picture of your creeper cat! We keep our fridge and freezer pretty well stocked, so I can usually fashion SOMETHING out of what we have on hand if its really bad out there. I always make sure to have butter, sugar, flour and eggs so I can at least bake when we're snowed in. :)

  15. I stock pile TJ's pumpkin butter too and I'm on my last jar. Should have got more :(