Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Try This Racing Thing Again

It's official! I am registered to run Boston's Run to Remember half marathon on May 29th.

I have run this race twice before, but in the 5 mile portion.

I based my training plan on Hal Higdon's novice 12 week training plan. I made a few key changes to my training plan, however. First, I extended my plan to 14 weeks just because I want my long run to be 12 miles instead of 10. The novice plan also does not reference speedwork at all, but I'm planning on making either Tuesday or Wednesday a speed training day. Most likely Wednesday because that is the lowest mileage day and I don't want to do anything too crazy to get myself injured before this race. I do feel that some speedwork is important for me though. I have posted my training plan on the refrigerator to remind myself every day what my workout for the day is and to motivate me. Please excuse my non-PC refrigerator magnets.

I know I haven't talked about my workouts or running all that much on the blog lately, and to be honest it's either because I've skipped them or because they are too boring to talk about. With training for the half though, I am going to be talking a lot more about how my training is going than I have been talking about my workouts.

Saturday I decided to go get some new sneakers. I am going to rotate between two pairs for the first month or so of training just because I know my old shoes are about on their last leg and I want to break in these new ones before using them full time. Plus, I went with a different kind of shoes this time and I want to make sure they aren't going to give me any problems.

Pretty snazzy aren't they? Here's hoping they treat my feet well!

I also went out and purchased a 10 pound kettlebell so that I have no excuses to skip a strength workout if I don't feel like going to the gym. I will do a full review for you guys next week to let you know how I like it.

So far my training has been going really well. Monday I was sick yet AGAIN so I skipped my strength workout that I had scheduled, but Tuesday I was right back into the swing of things. Tuesday was 3 miles easy on the treadmill at the gym. It was a really tough run for some reason, and it was not made easier by the guy next to me. While I was plugging along at 5.2 on the treadmill, Joe Runner was running at 6.0 BACKWARDS. Thanks for making me look bad buddy. I would've laughed if he had fallen on his face. Not that I'm bitter or jealous that he can do that or anything.

Do you have any races coming up? Is anyone else running Boston's Run to Remember half marathon? Have you ever tried running backwards?


  1. First and foremost...I love the happy bunny and I have the "I love boys. They're stupid." magnet. Plus 6 others, a calendar, and pieces of the calendars from years past cut up and hung up all over my cube.

    Anyway...good luck with your training! You'll do great, and I think extending the training schedule is a good idea. Love the new sneakers!

    I can barely run forwards, fuck trying to run backwards. ;)

  2. I also love Happy Bunny and have the "Not Listening" with bunny with paws over ears on my bulletin board ;)
    Good luck with your training!!

  3. That Run to Remember looks good...

    I'm running a 3, 4, and 5 mile series in the Merrimack Valley starting the last Sunday in February. They're one week apart and all of them are at Irish bars and people dress up. They're super fun!

  4. I love the kettleballs! Makes weights a little less boring.

    Congrats on signing up for the run!

  5. I've never used kettleballs, but I'm very intrigued. Looking forward to your review.

    Congrats on the half. You'll do great and it sounds like you're being smart about the training.
    I want your magnets.

  6. How exciting for you! I'm rooting for you, girl! :)

    I am intrigued by the kettle balls I must say!

  7. I've used that Hal Higdon plan lots of times. It's a really good one!

  8. backwards? I can't even imagine. yikes!

    good luck with your half marathon training. :) and totally can't want for your kettleball review, I've been considering buying one but would have NO clue how to use it, haha.