Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Funday

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for a public service announcement. Below is the reason why you do not want to bring your boyfriend/husband grocery shopping with you. I mentioned before why I don't bring him with me, but this seals the deal.

Little Debbie "Cloud Cakes" are the poor man's twinkies. He actually only bought these beceause they had a $0.55 coupon attached. I wish I was kidding. And I wish I could tell you that I didn't try one, but I did. At least bringing him with me resulted in him volunteering to make pot roast for dinner. You mean I don't have to cook?? Damn right! This was my plate.

This was his. He promptly informed me that the pot roasted needed salt and gravy and that everything is better with salt, gravy, or butter (notice the heaping pats of butter on his green beans).

Another find at the supermarket was IBC Diet Root Beer. Sometimes I randomly crave root beer, and it's even better out of a glass bottle for some reason. I ended up drinking a bottle with dinner and a bottle after dinner. Oh and do you spy those pink packages behind the rootbeer? Strawberry Valentine's Day peeps. Otherwise known as nature's perfect food. The boy and I split a package for dessert. And by split, I mean there are 9 peeps per package and I had 5....that's a fair split as far as I am concerned.

Before dinner, I had a little help folding the laundry. By help, I mean she sandwiched herself in between the two stacks to take full advantage of warm clothes right out of the dryer. I secretly think she does this because she knows the clothes are clean but won't be once she gets her hair all over them. She's the devil I tell you.

Tonight is my monthly book club meeting where we will be discussing Room by Emma Donohue. If you have not read it already, I do recommend it. It was not excellent, but it certainly was creative and different. I have been spending an obscene amount of time with my Kindle lately. Any good book recommendations (besides the Help which I've already read)? What is your favorite Valentine's Day candy?


  1. HAHA Bailey never ceases to amaze me! what a Krazy Kitty ;-) did you see what i did there...used a "k" for crazy?? ummm forgive me it's Monday morning

    my favorite valentines candy are those little cinnamon hearts :-) LOVE them!

    PS also love mini-Friendly's sundaes :-)

  2. I randomly crave rootbeer sometimes too. And my husband would be throwing a lot of the same things in the cart if he grocery shopped with me. Doritos and Little Debbie snacks are definitely two of his vices!

  3. i can't bring my husband to the grocery store for the same reasons but also because he has no idea how to plan actual meals for a week. men! ps my favorite valentine candy is probably conversation hearts or reeses peanut butter hearts.

  4. I do not bring my bf shopping with me ever?? When he does come I end up with boxes of Kraft mac and cheese in my cart.. not good!!

  5. I don't like overly salty pot roast so I bet I would've liked your dinner.
    Cloud cakes sound like heaven.
    I don't have a fave Valentine's candy. I'll take a cheesecake on Valentine's day thank you.

  6. Ohh - pot's been forever since I've had it! Oh - and not gonna lie, I love those little Friendly's sundae cups...esp the Reeses one.

  7. Favorite Valentine's candy is chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Even better if it comes in a heart shaped box from a studly man! But since that's not in my future, I'll just buy a box for myself!! Who needs a man anyway? (I do!) HAHAHA 8]
    Pet Peeve #132: I hate when people call it Valentime's Day...with a "M"! Drives me crazy but it is so rude to correct someone so I let it slide!! 8]