Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Few Updates

Flowers are blooming in DC this week! Hopefully they will be blooming in Boston when I get home on Friday!

And now for some updates...

Remember when I said I was going to give up dairy? Well, what I really meant was, I'm going to give up eating yogurt everyday, but I'm still going to have cream in my coffee, feta in my omelet, and the occasional quesadilla. Yeah, I'm a failure. Almost every morning for breakfast since I have been in DC, I have had an egg white omelet with spinach, peppers, tomatoes, and feta:

With a side of fruit (the toast on the side I only have on the weekends)

The conclusion so far is that I'm probably not going to cut ALL dairy out of my life, but I do need to cut down significantly. I have noticed a definite improvement as far as the gas situation goes (yes TMI, I know), but it's still too early to tell the effect reducing dairy will have on my skin, but I'm hoping for a definite improvement there too.

Now onto the training update! As you all know, I'm training to run the half marathon portion of Boston's Run to Remember on May 29th. I am about half way through my training at this point and am in my "happy place" where the long runs are 6-7 miles. I still have had no issues (knock on wood) as far as injuries or tightness anywhere thusfar (a huge improvement from my last half when plantar fascitis attacked me like a rabid animal). It has been so tough to run while I am here in DC because I no longer have a garmin and the fitness center in the hotel has no AC, and I am a wuss in the heat. Freezing temperatures, sure! Above 70? You're out of your mind. My goal for the half is to finish around 2:20. I am a slow runner so this is a reasonable goal for me. It will be a PR if I can finish in 2:30 or less, but I really want to strive for the 2:20. So far I feel good about my chances even though my training has been a little out of whack while I have been in DC.

And last but not least...do y'all remember The Break Up? It wasn't pretty, but when it came down to it, it wasn't worth losing what I consider to be the love of my life (insert cheesy theme music here). The boy is back, and he will be making his debut on the blog later this week or early next week with his very own guest post.

Thursday I will have a restaurant review for you guys from Agora Restaurant in Dupont Circle, but I will warn you that it contains copious amounts of dairy!

What's new in your life?


  1. I want to run my next half in 2:20 also. I thought I'd be able to do it last time, but that didn't happen. You can totally meet that goal!
    Can't wait to read the bf's guest post.

  2. Good luck with the half! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the weather is agreeable.

    And yay for the boy! I'm so glad things worked out for you. ♥

  3. Glad you and the boy were able to reconcile! (My husband and I did the same thing and were happier for it). 2:20 sounds like a very attainable 1/2 goal - good luck!

  4. Well I'm glad you're able to work things out. Binks and I had an off period too and it made us better in the long term - well prior to marriage of course. :)

  5. Hey Steph! I'm glad that the training is well and that you and the boy are back together. Yay for that! :)

  6. I'm glad you've had gas relief. I'm sure that's made you feel more comfortable. Yay!
    I like running in the heat for some reason. Even if it's 90 out, I'll get out there. I can't do the cold at all.
    I'm glad you were able to work things out with your man. Your happiness is all that matters. Can't wait to read his post!

  7. That egg white omelet looks too good not to have, so I don't blame you.

    Hooray for the boy, hope things are going great :) I put in my resignation at my job today, one more month to go. And I just downloaded Microsoft Office. Party at Casa de Tiffany!

  8. I'm running that half too! And also suffered from plantar fasciitis so everytime I complete a run pain-free, I am ecstatic :) oh and good for you and your man!!