Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Wish I Could Stop...

1. Reading blogs that feature a ton of baked goods.

2. Drinking Starbucks. Everytime I buy a Starbucks coffee, my wallet cries. This coupled with my spiking energy level due to the caffeine makes for some high powered guilt, followed by jubilation, then guilt again.

3. Facebook stalking my exes and anyone that ever knew them.


4. Being seduced by Amazon and their low prices and free shipping. I am single handedly keeping them in business.

5. Stress eating. I know that I'm doing it, but I do it anyway. I made cookie dough last night. Not cookies, cookie dough. I ate half the dough and put the rest in the fridge to eat when my next anxiety attack hits.

6. Letting my road rage get out of control. For whatever reason, I am a three headed monster in the car. Traffic and parking related incidents literally having me fuming. One day I'm going to pop a blood vessel over a parking spot.

7.  Being so indecisive. I can't make a decision to save my damn LIFE. I have told all my past boyfriends and friends...if you want me to make a decision, give me options like a multiple choice question. And if I have to make a decision on what shirt to buy, forget it. I will be debating it in my head for DAYS.

8. Swearing so much. I curse like a drunken sailor and sometimes it's not pretty. Often at inappropriate times and to inappropriate people.


9. Wearing yoga pants pretty much everywhere in place of jeans or real pants. They are so comfortable and make my butt look so good that it's hard to wear anything else. Plus they are super forgiving if I have a big meal. But alas, it's not exactly classy to wear workout clothes everywhere.

10. Spending obscene amounts of money on being "pretty." You girls know what I'm talking about. Hair appointments, wax appointments, miracle creams, etc. Why is it so damn EXPENSIVE to look good?

What do you wish you could stop doing?


  1. 1. Pretty and delicious bake goods on blogs are like free endorphins (calorie-free, too)
    2. Try switching your addiction over to some of their iced teas and think: warm spring weather and bikini season soon!
    3. I do it all the time never really helps but neither does crack, and people do that, too!
    4. Retail therapy can be productive if you're shopping to buy things that support the new you.
    5. It will pass...refer to #2 for motivation
    6. Its in your nature, you live in MA!
    7. It just means you think things through really well
    8. Refer to #6
    9. That means youre ready for a workout like, anytime :)
    10. Hey, lookin good means you're feelin good :)

    Hope this helps, see, not so bad :)

  2. Don't we all? Especially the stress eating, I am so guilty of that.

  3. Swearing is in my top 10 - I drop one too many F-bombs sometimes...woopsies.

  4. I think most of these would be on everyone's list :)

  5. Love that Facebook stalking photo - I think most people do that! And, that goes away/lessens with time too.

  6. Definitely swearing is an issue for me! I also wish I could stop eating bad things for me, obsessing over food and working out!

  7. I'm so indecisive too!! I also have Facebook stalk old boyfriends, but not as much lately!

  8. love today's post... i am the same way :)

  9. Stress eating would be at the top of my list. And, reading blogs while at work - which was a no-no for my New Year's goals! And being unforgiving of myself. :)

  10. I do so many of these same things... stress eating. spying on FB. being indecisive. I decided to give up swearing for Lent... it's not going very well so far.

  11. I loved this list because it's so real - I'm pretty sure any woman goes all (or at least most) of these things!

    I wish I could stop...spending all night on my computer...singlehandedly keeping iTunes in business...and definitely chowing down cheese like it's my job! My belly is not too fond of it in large quantities, but it's just so dang yummy!

  12. I definitely stalk people on facebook. That's what it's for, right?

  13. Um, are we the same person?? Seriously, every one of these I can accuse myself of. That just means we are awesome.

    PS-And yes, I am in my yoga pants typing this eating baking goods :)

  14. You are sooo not alone here!! I wish I could stop wasting hours per week on reality tv!

  15. 1. Then how would you know what treat you need to make IMMEDIATELY?

    2. The fancy starbucks drinks have milk, which is totally calcium and protein, therefore an investment in your health.

    3. No comment. Never done that. Nope nope. Not. At. All.

    4. You have to spend money to save money! Plus, you are helping the economy revive. Good for you!

    5. When I was a kid I used to say that when I grew up I would always have cookie dough in my fridge. That was my big plan for adulthood. Way to achieve my lifetime goal!

    6. Driving sucks. Throwing a temper tantrum might release some of the stress and prevent the stress eating, though!

    7. I can't figure out what to say for this one.

    8. Fuck it.

    9. If yoga pants are wrong, I don't want to be right.

    10. Step 1: Spend obscene amounts of money on looking good, Step 2: Find rich husband to pay for such things, Step 3: Let yourself go. haha, sucker!