Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ten Reasons Why Being Single Rocks

Wednesday rears it's ugly head again! Thanks for all your supportive comments on yesterday's post. I know I will get through it and come out a bigger person and you all will help me with that. You guys are the best!

So today is ten things day on the blog. If you're new to the blog, every wednesday I post a "ten things" list...sometimes about food, sometimes not. In light of the recent changes in my life, today's list is ten reasons why being single rocks. These ten things apply specifically to me, but I hope you single ladies (and even the attached ones) can relate!

1. No jealousy. You can have friends of the opposite sex without worrying about your significant other being jealous and insecure. And you don't have to be worry if they are flirting with other people, giving out their number, etc.

2. Being free to go out with your friends whenever you want, for however long you want. This one is probably my favorite because the boy and I did not have mutual friends, so it was either spend time alone together or spend time apart, which left a lot less time for my friends. And the passive aggressive "go out and have fun but I'm going to hold it against you later" BS gets old.

3. Only having to clean up after yourself. It's nice not having to wash other people's underwear or clean their hair out of the sink. Gross, right??

4. More money! This obviously does not apply to every relationship, but it did to mine. It's nice spending your hard earned cash on yourself than spending it on someone else! Yay retail therapy!

5. More time to go to the gym. When the boy was living with me, I very rarely actually made it to the gym, especially when I started letting him take my car everywhere because his piece of shit van stalled all the time. I missed working out in the morning.

6. Lax personal grooming habits. This one may be TMI, but it should be recognized. Obviously when you're in a relationship, it's expected that you will keep up with a certain grooming schedule (i.e. shaving your legs every couple of days, closing the door when you go to the bathroom, not checking your tissue to see what color your snot is, etc.) but when you're single, you don't have to worry about any of that!

7. Pink sheets. Or in general decorating however the F you want to. If I want pink sheets, I can get them. If I want to splash a room with flower photos, I can do that. The girlier the better!

8. Blasting the heat without hearing complaints. I like it hot! Now I can turn the heat up to 75 or 80 instead of having to wrap myself up in blankets to stay warm or risk hearing a tirade about how hot it is.

9. Cooking smelly food. It's nice to roast brussel sprouts and not have to hear whines for days about how the house smells. I think roasted brussel sprouts smell delicious.

10. No junk food. This is by far the biggest one. I can go to the supermarket and not have to worry about the boy being with me, putting crap in the cart, or having to keep unhealthy snacks in the house because that's what he eats. No man food messing up my diet!

What do you love about being single? If you're not single, what do you miss about being single?


  1. I love being able to leave my place a total mess until I have time to tackle cleaning. Also, I love the fact that I painted my bedroom purple. That's right.

  2. You go girl! Being single definitely has its benefits :)

  3. Aw, I'm sorry to hear about your breakup. They're never easy, even if it was for the best. Yay for retail therapy, though! I think the biggest thing I miss about being single is girls night out. Most of my close friends (and me) are in relationships, engaged, married or just had babies so it's just not the same when you get all dolled up and then someone has to leave early to go breastfeed. I know it's related to getting older but sometimes I miss the days of shenanigans until 2am.

  4. Being single does have its perks!!!! Retil therapy is definately one of the top!

  5. I'm glad you're picking yourself up! :) I think this list is great. I say the cleaning up is the thing I miss the most. Now, I have some compulsion to make sure that things are 10x cleaner because now there is 2x the mess. The math works in my head!

  6. all good things! a break up can be a great time to get to know yourself again, enjoy it:)

  7. I agree with every single one of these. These are why I won't ever live with a man I'm dating unless we're engaged. After my last relationship and having to deal with our living situation after the thanks. Plus, I like it hot too!

  8. I agree with all of these and love the list! Especially personal grooming, shaving my legs in the winter is just annoying so I have some furr, there's no one rubbing up on my legs!

  9. Great list! One thing I loved was only having to worry about myself at night... being able to eat cheese and crackers for dinner if I want, being able to go out for drinks or dinner without letting anyone know... stuff like that.

  10. That's very true!! Especially about the junk food part, haha.

  11. Hey I'm new to your blog, it was recommended by a friend. I broke up with my boyfriend two weeks ago, so I am in need of single-girl posts like this. I think focusing on how crappy my ex was and all the fun things I can do (like join OKCupid) makes me feel better. Thanks, great post!

  12. Breaking up always sucks, but being single really does rock! I like the complete freedom of not having to deal with what someone else wants to do, eat, etc.