Monday, March 7, 2011

Impulse Buys

Hey lovelies! So the weekend is over and another week begins. The circle of life kind of sucks doesn't it?

First, a little self promotion :)

Check out my guest post that I did for Lisa at I'm an Okie on Saturday.

I was also the Friday Foodie Feature on Travel Eat Love.

Now onto my weekend! Friday night was spent at my friend Meg's watching Charlie Sheen on Dateline (he really is a trainwreck but it's ok, I love trainwrecks) and renting Conviction...which was amazing.

Saturday I woke up bright and early (well kind of) at 8am and got my ass to the gym to do a little speedwork. It felt so good to get my run out of the way early. After the gym I headed up to NH to see my bestie Briar for a little lunch, gabbing (about my boy drama of course), and a movie. We went to see Take Me Home Tonight, which was a cute movie. I have sort of a soft spot for Topher Grace just because he went to high school in my hometown (not my high school, he went to the private school).

When I got home, I had a package from Amazon waiting for me! I've been addicted to Amazon lately and have been impulse buying things like crazy. Amazon will make me go BROKE I swear. One of the purchases was a Misto...which was totally something I didn't need, but just had to have. I may have a shopping problem.

It's an empty spray can that you can fill with your oil of choice. Of course I filled it with olive oil. It's really easy to fill and it works great! I would definitely recommend buying one of these if you use nonstick spray at all. It only costs $9.99 (which totally meant that I had to buy $15.01 more on Amazon to get the free shipping...I had no problem doing that).

Yesterday was my long run. My original plan was to head out to the Waltham Bike Path...but alas, it is still covered with ice and snow. I got a half mile into my run and had to turn around because the trail wasn't passable. I have zero desire to get injured. So with a mile under my belt when I got back to the car, I decided to just do the 2 mile loop around my house twice to complete my 5 miles. So it was a little broken up, but I got it done. It was pretty nice outside temperature wise, but would've been better if the sun had been out.

After my run I made a smoothie. A fudgsicle smoothie to be exact. It wasn't exactly the taste I was going for, but that's exactly how it turned out. In the mix:

1 banana
2 big scoops of silken tofu
1 cup spinach
3 tbsps cocoa powder
1 tbsp instant coffee
1 tbsp agave nectar
10 ice cubes

Into my smoothie cup...yes I have a specifically designated "smoothie" cup that I use ONLY for smoothies. I actually got it at the National Zoo in DC and it's the perfect size for smoothies.

After cleaning up the house and running errands, it was time for dinner. I was originally going to make eggplant manicotti, but during my perusing of Trader Joe's, I found these:

Another impulse buy. I was intrigued, so I abandoned my plan and decided to cook up one of these. I have to say, the flavor was good, but the burger itself is way too big for a regular sized bun (I ended up cutting off some of the edges and giving it to Bailey) and it was super salty. It was ok, but I wouldn't buy them again. Not everything Trader Joe's makes is a win. I added avocado to my burger and had green beans and strawberries on the side to round out my meal.

Oh and by the way - I have 2 more packages arriving from Amazon this week (one was an item I preordered a while ago). I need a support group!

Have you bought any new kitchen gadgets lately? Do you ever impulse buy at the supermarket?


  1. I have that same Misto! It does work great :) I've been on the lookout for those little scrubby gloves to clean potatoes with. I think that will be my next gadget-y purchase.

  2. Umm why do I not have a misto?!??!? I need one!!!! Ive seen spray bottles but nothing that looks quite like that bottle i love it. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. I am a total impulse buyer. I ty to stay away from stores as often as possible.

  3. I am a kitchen gadget crazy person. Luckily, my in-laws buy a lot of them for me. My most recent one was a pizzelle maker! I try not to impulse buy at the store but it totally depends on how hungry I am, what blogs I've read that day and gotten inspiration from, etc.

  4. I just bought a candy/deep fry thermometer and I've very excited to use it! I also impulse buy at the grocery store and at Target ALL the time. I'm a sucker for anything near the register.

  5. i always impulse buy at least one item at trader joes, last time it was the pumpkin souffles. so much new food love.

  6. I think I'm your amazon twin! hahaha...I go on there CONSTANTLY and always get enough to get free super saver shipping. Last week I bought a SpiBelt for my runs and a Pitcher, since I've been making lots of crystal light lately. This week I've been looking at some cookbooks :)

  7. Congrats on the run! That's awesome! I love the $25 free shipping they have but I do tend to go crazy with that option! I have been wanting a Misto so bad lately. It would be such a great addition to my kitchen. :)

  8. Impulse shopping has come to a halt in my life recently. A bit TOO much impulse shopping got me in some BIG trouble! Although, if there is something I want.. I'll wait.. and if I still want it in a few weeks.. I'll re-think and then maybe I'll get it! I did end up purchasing a new kitchenaid blender in pear, which I wouldn't trade for the's perfect for green monsters and smoothies :) Happy Shopping!

  9. I'm the worst impulse buyer in the grocery store. Oh, ten Greek yogurts? Sure. Peanut butter on sale? Might as well buy five! I'm terrible.

    I want to see Take Me Home Tonight. It looks like something I'd like.

  10. Thanks for posting about the Misto-I keep meaning to buy one of those instead of drenching everything evoo and desperately need one of these.

    I love the name Briar--very unique! I wish I could wake up and go to the gym, I need a good five to six hours of awake time before doing physical activity.

  11. I'm with you on the impulse buys lately girl! Mine have been all over the place and I really want an icecream maker (I keep saying because I am lactose-intolerant i need to be able to make my own). I'm trying real hard to make exercise my coping mechanism but sometimes shopping and dining out win :) Hope your days are getting better, I'm here if you need anything!