Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Kitchen Gadget Wish List

These are all the things that I have been fantasizing about to outfit my kitchen. Some I haven't bought just because they are expensive, but others just because they aren't something I necessarily would use very often and just haven't gotten around to buying them.

1. Stand Mixer - How much easier this would make my life! Right now I just use a hand mixer and let me tell you, it's amazing that I don't have carpel tunnel in my wrist by now.

2. Garlic Press - I just buy minced garlic in a jar, but if I had one of these I might be more inclined to use fresh garlic!

3. Dehydrator - I have wanted one of these for a very long time (I have had a few stints trying to go raw) and think it would make a fantastic addition to my kitchen.

4. Juicer - I love the idea of juicing, but unfrotunately any of the good juicers are really expensive.

5. Donut pan - I don't need an excuse to make donuts, which is why I haven't bought one of these yet.

6. A pretty cake plate - This will most likely be my next purchase, just so I have somewhere to store all my delicious baked goods and a pretty place to photograph them for the blog.

7. Keurig coffee maker - You all know I have a Starbucks addiction. If I had one of these at home, maybe I wouldn't waste so much money buying Starbucks.

8. A waffle maker - I love waffles and order them out whenever I can because I don't have a waffle maker at home. It would be so great to have so that I can have waffles whenever I want!

9. Soda Stream Soda Maker - This may be the coolest thing ever. Make your own soda? Yes please. I have an addiction to all things fizzy as well so it would be so much more inexpensive and economical to make my own soda.

10. Cuisinart Griddler - This would be perfect for pancakes and grilled cheeses. Right now I just use a skillet for those things, but my skillet has little ridges, which don't make the prettiest pancakes. I could use a griddler.

What kitchen gadgets do you own and love? What gadgets do you wish you had?


  1. Oh, the pretty picture of the dehydrator makes me want one SO badly!!!! And I really want a Soda Stream Soda Maker.

    And I have all of the other gadgets (in a 500 square foot condo with a tiny kitchen...not sure how I manage them all)!

    And I get all of my cake stands at HomeGoods! They have such a great selection and great prices!

  2. I would love to have a dehydrator! You definitely got to get a garlic press ASAP, those are SO good and so easy to use! My mom's is the best one I have used, she bought it from Pampered Chef.

  3. Never thought I'd say this...that's a beautiful dehydrator! My mom used to have this terrible white, circular machine from the 1980s that took forever to use because it had one layer.

    I'm starting to think I might need one, too!

  4. I just got a soda stream and love it! We have tooons of kitchen gadgets but I would really love a juicer.

    Garlic presses are really cheap - go buy one asap!

  5. I started to laugh when I saw the Keurig! I got one for Christmas and since I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee I thought it would be the perfect addition to my kitchen! Now, I don't know how to practice self control so that lovely coffee machine had me drinking 6 or 7 coffees a day! I just couldn't resist the temptation!!

  6. I love everything on this list! I have the red stand mixer and it's not only life changing, but so pretty too. My one gadget/appliance that I have (which is completely beyond frivolous) is a popcorn maker! It is amazing. I never know how much I'd love having it!

  7. The stand kitchen mixer will change your life - I resisted then my boyfriend brought his along when he moved in and I haven't looked back, seriously amazing!

  8. So I feel generic b/c I always say I want everything you want but it's true! The garlic press is on the top of my list though, it would make my life so much easier.

    I never knew they had donut pans like that, I must look into that!

  9. I want a stand mixer too. If only to make my kitchen look fancy and professional. I never thought of getting a pretty cake plate. So fancy!

  10. those are fancy gadgets! I would love an apple core-r; I've never had one!

  11. I think a juicer would be awesome! However, I haven't been able to constitute buying one because of the ridiculously high price of produce in Alaska, and it isn't like there is anything grown locally--unless I'm going to juice salmon!

  12. I actually just bought a blender. So excited about smoothies! I had one a few years ago, but it went up in smoke, literally.

  13. I wouldn't mind having any of these (especially the Kitchenaid mixer)! My wish list includes a blender and a rice cooker. I can't decide what I want more.

  14. I have never even made juice but I would love a juicer... damn blog world makes me want everything!!

  15. Not sure if this will be good or bad news for you, but Starbucks is going to start selling K-cups. You'll be able to get the addictive coffee right at home!

  16. Out of those items, I have a stand mixer and a juicer. The stand mixer is awesome. The juicer is too but I find that I'm usually too lazy to use it!

    I want a new food processor. Mine has a big crack in it.