Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My List of Grievances

It's ten things Wednesday! (This would sound so much better if it rhymed, so I get a fail for alliteration). Semi-inspired by my good friend Melissa's Three Things Thursday, I thought I would make a list of my own of things that are really getting to me lately.

Yes, I am not so secretly an angry person.

1. People who talk on their cell phone on the bus. Or in the supermarket. Or really anwhere in my general vicinity.

2. The cost of concert/play/art show/musical tickets. Most shows of Mary Poppins are going for $150 a ticket. Who HAS that kind of money? How are poor people like me ever supposed to get cultured when tickets are a car payment?

3. The 5 dollar footlong Subway commercials. Please. Make. It. Stop.

4. People who leave their phone on vibrate. The bzzzzzz sound really gets to me. Especially if it's every 5 seconds. If you're seriously that popular, just keep checking your phone and turn the vibrate off.

5. Daylight savings time. I love that it's light out later now, but seriously, for the first few days I feel like I have jet lag. It's only an hour, but for some reason it makes me feel like a zombie, minus the whole eating-people thing.

6. Can I ask you a question? Can you do me a favor? Can I get your opinion? Just come out with what you want. Don't waste my time with extra questions. I don't know why, but this really bugs me.

7. Line straddlers. You know these people. There are 2 lanes open at the store and they stand in the middle of the two so that they can hop in the line of whichever one is going faster, thus leaving you in the slower lane.

8. Automated system outerspace. Every company has an automated phone system now, so when you actually have an issue and have to call, their number selections never match your exact issue. You have to press 15 numbers to finally get to the crux of the problem, which then transfers you to a customer service representative. Why didn't I just get a customer service representative to begin with?

9. Not enough or too much of the bread or an appetizer at a restaurant. If four people go out to dinner, there should be four pieces of bread brought to the table, not three or five. This just creates awkward situations, because everyone wants that extra slice of bread. Same goes for appetizers. If there are two people, bring out two arancini, or four. Never three. I don't know why restaurants do this.

10. Airlines. It's not enough that I pay astronomical prices to fly, but then you have to charge me $25 to check a bag?? To add insult to injury, many airlines don't even offer snacks anymore. (JetBlue, you are the exception, I love you and fly you whenever I can...xoxoxo). Not only are snacks not offered, but when I order a diet coke as my in-flight beverage, give me the whole CAN. Why must you be so cheap???

What's really bugging you lately? Get it off your chest!


  1. "Can I ask you a question?" is one of my best friend's biggest pet peeves! So of course, I say it to her a lot ;)
    I realized yesterday that it really annoys me when people don't put the little bar thing behind their food at the supermarket. It takes 1 second!

  2. These are awesome... I can totally relate to most of them. Especially #9. I have to go to a lot of dinners with my team from work, and there's always this super awkward moment when we get down to the bottom of the apps or bread. No one wants to be the "greedy" one and take it, even though we're all starving because it's 8pm and haven't eaten since noon.

  3. I won't lie sometimes I can be such a line straddler...sometimes it's unclear if there's one or two lines!

    Right now everything at work is annoying me! I feel like all I do is listen to everyone around me complain!

  4. Oooooh people who talk loudly on their cellphones on the bus are indeed very very irritating. I am currently hating on Delta right now because I can't find an affordable flight to visit my family. So expensive!

  5. Haha, I have a whole post dedicated to three things that are bugging me lately - all about one person. It's coming up shortly.
    Totally agree about the cell phone, culture and airline comments. Oh and the automated crap. All so annoying.
    I'm annoyed by pretty much everything today. I'm not incredibly pleasant. :)

  6. This list is perfect! I was in the grocery store yesterday and kept bumping into a woman on her phone. It was infuriating because she was so oblivious. Ugh. I also hate extra questions - Can I ask you something, just out of curiosity? Ugh. Annoying! :P

  7. I agree with so many of these! Those Subway commercials really need to end immediately.

  8. I ask for the can when I'm on a plane. They always give it to me. I'm paying for that so gimme!

    What is up with restaurants giving odd numbers? I hate it and I think they do it on purpose to start a fight among diners. I'll cut a bitch over arancini.

  9. My pet peeve is when people text me and it says 'call me' ummm how about you call me?!?!

  10. #6 for sure!! I hate when people say Can I ask you a question? Get to the freakin point!!!

  11. I cannot agree with you enough on people talking on their cell in public places. I do it in the privacy of my home or car, I dont want strangers hearing my conversations. Not that they are saucy or anything but why should they know details of my life? Also agree with the bread, it is such an awkward situation because you know everyone secretly wants that last piece.