Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Years Resolutions: Where Are They Now?

Happy ten things day! Since it is almost the end of the 1st quarter of 2011, I thought I would revisit my new year's resolutions and give you a little update to where I'm at.

1. Save more money. Fail. I have not managed to save any money, but on the bright side, I have set a goal of being debt free by the end of this year. I am on the right track to do that and am making fantastic progress so far.

2. I will stop being a time nazi. Fail. I still get really really antsy when waiting for someone, and still find myself getting irritated when they are even a minute late. Case in point, during my dinner party a few weeks ago, I had thought Danielle was going to arrive at 5:30, but she didn't get there until almost first comment to her when she walked in the door..."you're late!!!!!!"

3. Bake less, cook more. Win! I have definitely been cooking more than I have been baking, but I can't deny my baking bug when it strikes me.

4. I resolve to stop resolving to give up coffee. Win! I have not said ONCE this year that I am going to give up coffee. I did just resolve to stop spending so much on Starbucks and start drinking the free coffee at work instead though.

5. Eat a more varied diet. Win! I have been trying to incorporate new and foreign fruits and veggies into my diet and at changing up the foods in my usual dishes to get a wider variety of nutrients in my diet.

6. Be better about strength training consistently. Fail. I have no idea why this is so hard for me. I can easily talk myself out of a strength workout, saying to myself "oh you don't need it" but when it comes to cardio I say "NO! You MUST work out." I wish I had that same kind of determination with strength training. I really have to work on this one.

7. I will not wait until the "GET GAS NOW!" light comes on in my car. Win! I have not let my car get below E since the beginning of the year. Mostly because she is very sick and needs her transmission rebuilt, so I haven't been driving her very much.

8. I will try to watch more adult TV programming. Fail. My DVR is still full with almost all teenager shows, which the exception of Grey's Anatomy and Survivor. I have really tried to get myself into some other shows with no success (The Event, Blue Bloods). I can't help myself.

9. I will stop buying bottles of OPI nail polish. Win! I have not bought a single bottle of nail polish this year. Instead, I have been trying to salvage some of my older polishes and considering them "new."

10. I will stop at just one cookie. This one is a huge gigantic FAIL. I still have yet to eat only one cookie at one time. NO self control.

How are you doing on your New Year's resolutions? Win or fail?


  1. Oh Lawwd!! I was just thinking about my goals for 2011 and how I'm falling short but picking things back up. Esp blogging while at work. Although with home internet now, I'll be much better about that! :)

  2. So impressed about the saving money - getting out of debt really is about saving money!!

  3. You're doing really well! I need to revisit mine. I think I started out pretty strong and then D.C. came along and my focus totally shifted.

  4. Your doing well. Stopping at one cookie is hard. Who wants just one? Seriously?

    My resolutions were to save more money and bone more dudes. I've been a champ at saving money...not so great at boning dudes. I've yet to bone a dude this year :(

  5. I like teenager shows too. Embrace it!

  6. It sounds like you are on the right track with saving money through your cut backs on Starbucks and OPI so thats definitely a start!

    I am horrible with time, I cannot stand when people are late and get pretty irritated with it. I just think when people are late it shows a direspect for your time.

  7. haha, I LOVE the gas one. Why is it so hard to get gas when it hits the quarter tank mark?? I am always on the edge of my seat hoping I make it to the station in time. :)

  8. I didn't make any New Year's resolutions but I definitely have been cooking more and trying new things. I also cannot stop at one cookie - why would anyone want to do that?