Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cha Cha Changes!

As the title suggests, there are some changes happening right now in my life and on the blog. But first things first, an accomplishment!

I have finally done it. I have created the perfect egg white omelette at home. Ever since coming home from DC where I was having an egg white omelette made for me every morning, I have been trying and trying to recreate it at home without it falling apart on me, burning it, or not getting the right amounts of veggies or cheese. I believe this was attempt #6. Again, I am not a perfect cook.

As I mentioned, my car recently needed a huge overhaul to the tune of $2800. Well, the boy's car died at the same time so let's just say that we have had a lot of large unexpected expenses lately and have even had to postpone our move. Therefore, we are trying to cut back. (I say this all the time, but really all that means is I'm going to try to stop ordering dessert everytime I eat out or try to remember the coupons that I get for Express). One of my biggest money pits is Starbucks, so to try to curb that habit at least a little bit, I have been making my coffee from home.

So far it has worked really well! I have only been to Starbucks twice in the last two weeks.

Now that the boy and I both have our own working cars, I have been going back to the gym in the morning.

My life works so much better when I work out in the morning. If I wait until after work to go, at least 50% of the time, I talk myself out of it. In case you hadn't noticed, one major change I've made to the blog is eliminating the "My Workouts" page. Let's face it, at this point it was becoming a joke because of the aforementioned 50% of actually making it to the gym. So instead I am just going to talk about workouts sporadically (but rest assured I am working out at least 4-5 days a week).

I have been "training" for a half marathon at the end of May, but for the last three weeks I have hated it. I have been dreading every run and have even started skipping some runs. I really don't know why this is, but at this point I don't feel as though I will be ready to run the half even if I get back on track. I am seriously considering downgrading my race distance to the 5 mile portion instead (which I could do easily and would probably PR). What do you guys think about this?

One last change I've made is to my blogroll. I hadn't updated it in WAY too long and there were many blogs that I read that hadn't been added. At the same time, there were a few on there that needed to be deleted. Last week, I posted a Twitter survey asking what makes you delete a blog from your reader (for those of you who do not use Google Reader, it's an awesome little tool that essentially houses all the blogs you read and alerts you when a new post is up). I got various responses back, basically echoing my same sentiments that a lot of blogs have become tiresome for me and I was getting irritated reading them. I discussed this with the girls at Fuji 1546 last week and apprently got them thinking about it as well since Tina posed the same question on her blog the next day. Reading over those comments as well prompted me to downscale my reader significantly. So rest assured that every blog on my blogroll I read everyday and don't get sick of!

And finally, I have been experiencing some pretty heavy writer's block this week and am hoping to snap out of it soon. That being said, I want to know what you guys like and don't like about what I write about, what you would like to see more or less of, etc. As much as I write this blog for myself, I also don't want to be deleted from your readers, so tell me how I can keep you interested!


  1. I hear you on working out in the a.m. It's so much better but sometimes it just doesn't work with my sched and puppy duties. As for the half, If you feel it's not a good fit, bag it. But if you, deep down, think you're just in a funk, push yourself to complete your goal!

  2. I'm SO glad I got back into AM workouts. I love them!

    Don't do something you don't feel like you're ready for. PR instead!

  3. Thanks for keeping me on your blog roll! I've been updating mine a bunch lately too :) I agree, writers block is a big thing with me lately, especially since I finished my marathon, because that was muse for a while. It doesn't seem like walking my dog should qualify is a workout that's blog worthy...haha!
    As for your question about the 1/2, I say go for the 5 if you feel confident you a better trained for that. It sounds like that's how you are feeling and I think your instincts are usually right. Why push through the 1/2 and be miserable if you aren't feeling it?

  4. I say go for the 5 miles - that is a great distance and you will finish, proud of what you have accomplished! Congrats on the omelette, those are tough to perfect.

  5. I have yet to perfect my egg skills. Yours looks perfect! I used to be an AM person but with my schedule lately it seems like the after-work works for me! :)

  6. Um, that does look like an amazing egg white omelet. Yum.

    I think that you should definitely listen to your body and do what you want with the race. I'm sure you'd have a blast running the 5 miler instead and it will still be an awesome accomplishment.

  7. I wish I could work out in the morning. I also wish I could make an omelet. Clearly, you are awesome.
    You're still alive and well in my reader :) I, of course, enjoy the personal posts the most but they all do it for me. 10 Things Wednesday is pretty awesome.

  8. I try to do the morning thing a few times a week. I always feel better getting it out of the way, but I also always get really tired way too early!

    I would probably drop to the 5 mile.. If you are dreading your workouts its a sign this race isnt meant to be!

    I read a lot of healthy living/ food blogs, but the posts that always interest me the most are ones that are the most personal. I'd rather read about a recipe if it has a funny story with it, you know?

  9. I'm with you on the AM workouts. I need to go home and watch GH!

    I would drop to the 5 mile. Especially if I thought I would hate every second of the half. You should enjoy the race.

    I hear you on the blogroll thing and I admire you for being so real about your reasons why.

  10. I have had total writers block for the last 2 weeks! Let me know if you figure a way out of it!

  11. Wow, I admire your strength with the Starbucks! I would go less but unfortunately we have one in our bldg at work so it's tough to pass up. And I am just about out of coffee at home so it's been an easy go to lately.

    Funky, I just updated my blogroll last night and still have some to add and delete. I used to update mine all the time but it's been a good five or six months since I last touched it.

    I am the opposite with workouts, if I try to workout in the AM, I talk myself into sleeping in. Definitely more of a nighttime work out girl!

  12. Love your blog Steph! Especially your honesty. I love blogs that keep it real!

  13. New follower here,, I follow your tweets :)
    Keep up the workouts.. run the 5 mile race.. if you hate training, you will not want to run a half marathon. Do the 5 miler and be proud of the accomplishment!

  14. the later in the day i go to the gym, the less motivated i am when i'm there. when i was working i used to go at 5 am and loved it. do it up!

  15. I would die without Starbucks. I think I would give up going to out over starbucks... it's just that bad. That omelette looks AMAZING! As far as the race goes.. I think if you show up that will be step one! I have signed up for 4 races in my life and ran 1. Pathetic. Need to work on that:) Good luck to y ou!!

  16. I'm all about being real when it comes to races... I've backed out of two this year because of this dang hip!
    And I gave up buying coffees for Lent and have saved SO much money, its been great! I splurge a little on coffee and tea that I can make at home and bring with me, so it makes it a little more fun but is still cheaper. Good luck!

  17. If you are not enjoying your training, I think you should do the 5 miler instead. I think you will feel better running a good shorter race than a bad longer one.

    I like bagged Dunkin Donuts coffee with vanilla soy creamer in the morning. Tastes almost better than Sbux. That reminds me that I am out of vanilla soy creamer. Ugh.

  18. I loved your Twitter post!