Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going Meatless and Unhealthy Habits

No, I am not becoming a vegetarian.

I have told you guys before how I feel about vegans and vegetarians (good for them, but not for me).

However, the boy and I have decided that in the interest of savings and to be just a tiny bit healthier, we are going to try to have 1 or 2 meatless days a week. I promise not to do any annoying "meatless monday!" posts or anything remotely similar, just wanted to give you a heads up about seeing less meat in my posts.

We started the meatless thing on Saturday with omelettes for breakfast. For lunch we had grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches with a side of kiwi. Dinner was breaded garlic tofu over whole wheat pasta. The boy doesn't really like tofu all that much, so I was quite surprised when I didn't get this reaction to my suggestion of tofu for dinner:

I got his typical response of "it's not bad" when I asked if he liked it and he ate almost all of it, so it couldn't have been that bad. I wish I had taken pictures for you guys because the meals all looked excellent, but having just gotten home from DC after being gone for 2 weeks, I really wasn't in a taking-pictures-of-my-food kind of mood...but you get the idea.

Along with this healthy idea though is an unhealthy one right along with it. Life is about balance, right? Well, remember my Ten Reasons Why Being Single Rocks post? #10 was about how I no longer was going to have "boy food" in my house to sabotage my diet. Well, since the boy is back, during grocery shopping over the weekend he picked up a box of Kellogg's Corn Pops. I knew as soon as he picked up the box that I was going to have a hard time resisting...and sure enough, he grabs the box yesterday morning and asks me if I'm going to have some. Um, does the Pope wear a funny hat? YES. So we pour our cereal and when the boy goes to close up the box...I have a panic and say, "wait, what are you doing? I'm not done!" 2.5 bowls later I finally put down the spoon and walked away. And of course because it was just cereal, I was starving by 10:30am. What happens when I let myself get really super hungry?? Two lunches, that's what. I walked over to South Station to load up my bus pass and walked by Brueggers on the way back, stopping in to grab a delicious garlic bagel with veggie cream cheese. And then still ate my lunch of leftover tofu and pasta.

My most unhealthy of habits (sweets) led me to Starbucks the other day. For the most part, I have strictly stuck to their coffee. Even when they were giving away FREE petite treats, I just ordered my coffee (this rare self control comes at random times, like when things are free and self control should definitely NOT be exercised). I finally changed up the routine however and decided to try one of Starbucks' new petite treats. They put them in these super cute little boxes:

After contemplating my options for a good ten minutes (really, how does anyone pick just one??) I decided to go with the Salted Caramel Square.

It was absolutely delicious. The only complaint I have about it is that there is a shortbread cookie type bottom that I thought detracted from the salted caramel flavor. Other than that, I thought it was just enough to satisfy a sweet craving without going crazy and eating a whole box of cookies as I have been known to do. The only other option that looked appealing to me was the Carrot Cake, which I will try at some point and let you know how I like it.

In other random news, something I neglected to mention last week was the movie I saw last Thursday night with my blog friend Rebecca from I Want to Be a Domestic Goddess. She and I met up to go see My Run, the story of Terry Hitchcock.

If you haven't heard the story of Terry Hitchcock, it's an inspiring one. Following the death of his wife, Terry found himself alone raising three small children. It was his struggles as a single father that hatched the idea to run a marathon everyday for 75 days, from Minneapolis to Atlanta, to raise awareness for single parent families. I'm not going to lie to you, I cried like a baby in the beginning of the film and teared up again at the end. Even though running a marathon everyday is not something I would encourage, Terry's spirit and determination really inspire me. If you haven't seen this film, I would highly recommend it.

Have you tried Starbucks' petite treats? Have you seen My Run? Have you ever considered going semi-vegetarian?


  1. I don't know why, but I'm one of the few that rarely enjoy Starbucks. I've just never been a fan of the coffee (too bitter for my taste) and prefer Panera's food over theirs. Crazy, I know.

    But I do have to say- salted caramel treats sound devine. Caramel/toffee/sugar in general is a big weakness of mine!

  2. I've NEVER tried the petite treats at starbucks but I am so tempted every time I go in. I looked up the Pts+ and most are 5 pts+ each, which isn't so bad for a treat, but for just 2-3 bites I don't know!

  3. I did try going meatless for a few months and felt really good. I am definitely not a vegetarian, but only eat meat once in awhile now. Its not so bad. You get creative with your meals.

  4. I can never resist free food or cereal. Ever. I had the red velvet whoopie pie the other day (not for free tho, boo) and it was pretty good. I'm itching to try that salted caramel square and a cake pop. I've never had a cake pop, which I'm pretty sure is a crime.
    I eat probably 95% meatless at home. It definitely helps me save money. The tofu sounds good!

  5. Seriously - those salted caramel squares are soo amazing. In my opinion, if they swapped out the shortbread with a more pretzel-esque crust it would be awesssssome.

  6. My husband and I do the semi-veg thing. We went totally meatless for a week and it was way easier and less obnoxious than I thought it would be! Now we really only eat meat a few days a week. It absolutely cuts down on the grocery bill!

  7. Your plan sounds like a good one and its nice to hear that the boy is in on it with you! Hopefully that will offset the treats! I'm a sucker for cereal, too. Yikes. :)

    I haven't tried the petite treats yet but really want to!

  8. I go meatless once a week - forces me to mix it up a bit and I have actually enjoyed it! That chocolate bar looks amazing!

  9. i love that salted caramel brownie, i've only had it once and dream about it at least once a day. heavenly.

  10. We cut down on meat too - it really saves on grocery bills I must say. I cook it once a week and it lasts us for two - three days a week. So I guess we are pretty much meatless every other day. I cannot commit to Meatless Mondays but I can commit to eating less meat. :)

  11. I haven't seen the petite treats yet. I wouldn't be able to resist the salted caramel brownie. Caramel is a weakness for me.

    I eat meat, but I don't eat a lot of it. Mostly because it doesn't fit into my budget. It was hard being creative at first, but I've found a lot of great recipes online. Good luck!

  12. Totally made that kitty pic my computer background. Awesome. I've been primarily fish only eating since January. I don't really miss meat at all and rarely crave it. Love me some veggies.

  13. I am mostly vegetarian, although I sometimes eat fish. I find that my husband, who eats meat, prefers a vegetarian meal that just doesn't have meat as opposed to fake meat or tofu or stuff like that.

  14. I really loved their salted caramel brownie b/c it was sweet and little enough to cure my craving. Next thing I want to try there is their cake pops--they look delicious and I contemplate ordering one each time I'm in line.

    I am a carnivore but usually have veggie meals during the wk. It usually just happens instead of me being like "Oh, today is a no meat day" b/c once I put restrictions on myself, I fail.

  15. I have not tried petite sweets, they all unfortunately have dairy, nor have I seen my run, but I want to!

    I am, however, partially vegan. I don't eat cow dairy, but I do eat meat in moderation, eggs and goat/sheep cheese. I prefer beans though, as my main source of protein. They're quite versatile -- and sooo cheap. And the tummy feels better with less meat :)