Thursday, April 21, 2011

Visual Assault & The Queens of Distruction

How's THAT for a title?? Before I jump into yesterday's food, I want to mention a few things that haven't made the blog yet.

First, I posted on Tuesday about my fabulous Marathon Monday experience...but I left out a juicy little tidbit.

Melissa and I took the train in together, so we decided to meet at the Quincy Adams T station. Since I'm a complete freak about parking (I refuse to pay to park and will avoid doing so at all costs) I parked at the Home Depot next to the train station.

As I am walking along the sidewalk, minding my own business (a rare occurrance for me) I see what I think is someone smoking behind the wall. As I get closer I see that he is not in fact smoking, but peeing. And he is facing the sidewalk. With his junk out. I got a full frontal eyeful (much like the time a 16 year old trench coat mafia kid masturbated in front of me on the train a few years ago, but that's a whole other story).

Obviously he can see that I am coming down the sidewalk, but doesn't put it away. Perhaps he is considering using this opportunity as a pick up line. Thankfully he does not and casually shakes it off finally and zips up just as I am walking by.

While I am waiting for Melissa inside I see the same guy and desperately try to avoid eye is obvious we both saw each other and I would like to pretend it just never happened. Luckily he turned and walked right by me.

Nothing like starting your day off with an eyeful of penis. <---TWSS.

On a completely different note, I neglected to mention that the other day I came home to flowers. They were "just because" flowers, which are the absolute best kind. They came home looking like this:

But then quickly went to looking like this thanks to the Queens of Destruction:

Oh well. It's the thought that counts.

Now onto yesterday's food! I have told the boy several times (so much so that he repeats it verbatim back to me all the time) "the happier I am the happier YOU are," which translated to chocolate chip pancakes for him yesterday morning as a thank you for the flowers (pancakes are a pain in the ass during the week).

Lunch was a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with a side of the Chicken Spietzel soup from Brueggers (surprisingly good if you ever find yourself at Brueggers).

Dinner was some sauteed brussel sprouts and a sweet potato to make up for my serious lack of veggies yesterday.

I also had a mid morning snack of a banana (unpictured).

I have been going to spin class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings and have to say that I am really loving it. I had forgotten how much I loved it since running often takes all of my focus, but since deciding to downgrade my half marathon to the 5 mile portion, I am free to enjoy whatever workouts I want without worrying about getting my 4 runs a week in. I have been getting 2 runs in a week and feel really good about it.

So tell me, have you ever seen something you wished you hadn't?


  1. Thats one of those things you wish you could look away but just cannot! Crazy!

  2. Love the Just Because flowers and pancakes! Glad to see things are going well!
    Once I was riding the T and a guy had announced he had to pee and his girlfriend told him to hold it. Then, he squatted down on the steps next to the door and when the doors opened at the next station, he ran out. His confused GF ran after him, leaving their confused friends behind. Once the train started going away, the rest of the train realized the guy had peed as his urine starting flowing down the train. That was a great moment as everyone lifted their feet up and tried to get off that car ASAP!

  3. Ew, no one wants an eyeful of penis first thing. We had a guy in high school that would wait for the track team to run by and then pull out his junk and do his thing. Foul.

  4. Yikes, no fun. I actually was flashed by a random creep a couple years ago. I have never wanted to inflict pain on someone before then. Perv.

  5. i like your motto about your happiness and his happiness. i should get that engraved somewhere ;)

    we were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and my best friend saw someone whip out his junk for some beads...he put it away before i could have a look!

  6. Haha, I can't believe the masturbating kid, that's traumatizing.
    Luckily no accidental penis assaults that I can remember...

  7. I just don't understand why he couldn't face the freakin bush! Who faces out?!

    The flowers are so pretty! Even after the destruction.

  8. I love "just because" flowers. It is the best when you don't expect anything!

  9. Hahaha. It wasn't THIS guy was it??

  10. geez - what a way to start your day! that's crazy.

    the flowers are beautiful :)

  11. Disgusting! Yet, I find myself smirking!! LOL But still disgusting. I saw the very same thing in NOLA around Mardis Gras time. But, that might also be the norm around that time. So, who knows...

  12. I have never seen so much public penis since moving to this ridiculous state. In college (went to NU), we saw a guy in a business suit getting busy in the Fens. At like 1 o'clock in afternoon. Shouldn't afternoon delight be enjoyed with a partner??

  13. "the happier I am the happier YOU are," LOVE IT. I need to remind my BF of this more :)

    Cute flowers!

    Men are gross... maybe it's just because I am jealous of the fact they can pee anywhere, while I can't.

  14. I park in a heated parking garage when I go to work. It's a haven for the homeless. I often have to hurdle passed out bums on the stairs. Less often I see them peeing. But the worst was when I saw a guy wacking off. And he was standing somewhere where I HAD to walk by him to get to my car - it was a set of doors I couldn't avoid. So I just hurried up and ran through...and he turned around and smiled at me while he was still focusing on the task at hand.

    So gross.

  15. Wow hahahahah. I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh but it's a "thats horrible" laugh. And I'm intrigued with this trench coat story. What's up with all these penises? Is that the proper term or is it penis'? I don't even want to google it b/c I fear the results.

    I need to check out that soup at Brueggers-I love that place for a quick lunch.

    I've seen a lot of things I don't want to. First one that comes to mind is walking in on my best friend in college riding some guy. We met these guys at the club and went back to their place to do tequila shots chased with pepsi. We keeps it classy.