Monday, April 4, 2011

Home At Last

Back in Boston!

Thank you all for your comments on It Started With A Kiss. Even the comment from Pizzi (AKA the boy's friends haha). The boy wrote that post all on his own with only a few edits from me on his sentence structure and spelling. However, since I did not actually change any of his post, I want to clarify a few details...first of all, I never stepped away from him when he was looking at my movies (very awkwardly I might add), he just misjudged the distance. Also, he seriously plays down how nervous he was acting. It was very endearing. So just a few extra details for the record :)

Friday was my travel day home and it was the travel day from hell. All I wanted to do was get home and everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. I had originally booked a flight at 6:55 out of DC based on all of the instructions I had been given, but it turns out that I could've booked a flight for anytime after 3pm. When I got to the airport, I could only get on standby for the 2:45 and with only a half hour until boarding, I didn't feel good about my chances, so I got on standby for the 5pm instead. I wait and wait and wait and finally they call my name...just as they are announcing that the 5pm flight is delayed until 6:40. So basically, I gave up my cushy window seat on a 6:55 flight for an uncomfortable middle seat on a plane that leaves fifteen minutes earlier. To make matters worse, I was in an aisle that had no windows at all, and I get really motion sick if I can feel motion but can't see needless to say, it was an extremely uncomfortable flight.

It was so wonderful though to come home to my boy and my cats and most importantly, my bed, which I wanted to faceplant into the minute I got home. Instead, I broke into the package that was waiting for me...Tostitos Artisan chips from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. Tostitos was kind enough to send me two different flavors, Roasted Garlic with Black Bean, and Fire Roasted Chipotle.

The boy nicely offered to help me taste them of course. The fire roasted chipotle ones taste vaguely like nacho cheese doritos, but less artificial. We both agreed that we really liked this flavor. We tried the roasted garlic and black bean next and even though I couldn't really taste the garlic flavor, the black bean flavor was definitely strong and I loved it. If the garlic flavor were stronger I probably would have loved them even more.

I am back to my regular posting schedule this week and back to my regular routine, which I'm so excited about. I couldn't run on that treadmill in the 80 degree heat for one more day. It was amazing to run outside this weekend in the beautiful weather.

Unfortunately, CeCe (my car) has to go into the shop to have the transmission rebuilt. $2800 later and she will be good as new. Yes, you read that right. $2800. I almost had heart failure. And to make matters even worse, the boy's car chose this exact week to stop going in reverse. It's going to be an interesting week. Or should I say, expensive, because we will have to take a cab everywhere we go. When it rains it pours people!!

The rest of the weekend was spent mostly relaxing with my boy and the cats, catching up on my DVR, and doing some cooking. Yesterday I made a nice brunch of pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream (homemade of course!) Spring = fresh berries!

Do you enjoy brunch on the weekends? What's your favorite brunch food?


  1. Glad you made it home ok! Your trip sounds like every week when my husband is trying to get home on standby. It's a pain in the butt! I can tell you must have Circulon pans like I do from the imprints on your pancakes! Love those pans!

  2. Sorry about the travel troubles. It always seems like the flight home is when everything goes wrong.
    I love brunch! I usually prefer savory foods, but sometimes nothing beats some delicious pancakes.

  3. Brunch is my favorite meal! I used to be very into "sweet" brunch foods like French Toast, waffles, or pancakes because they are "treats" that I do not normally eat. But I always feel not-so-good after eating them so I have recently learned to love eggs as a brunch food. (Eggs, in my world, are a dinner food.) I LOVE eggs benedict and had them at brunch yesterday!

  4. OMG! I'm so sorry to hear about your cars! That sucks. Welcome back, though! ♥

    I love brunch foods, but since I gave up fried food I've stayed away since home fries are SO HARD TO RESIST. ARGH. :)

  5. Welcome back! I'm sorry about the rough trip and about the car trouble. Yeeps!

    I love brunch on the weekends. Its one of my favorite meals to eat out (maybe my very favorite at all). I usually go the savory route for brunch...eggs and toast all the way. :)

  6. I loooooooove brunch! My go-to is whatever pescatarian friendly version of eggs benedict they have (spinach, crab meat, or smoked salmon usually) with the hollandaise on the side for dipping. Yum!

    And welcome back. :)

  7. Homemade whipped cream is the BEST! Especially accompanied by strawberries and pancakes. Glad you're home safe and sound after such an awful travel day!

  8. I'm sorry about the rough trip and car troubles. At least your home safe and sound with the boy :)

    I love banana pancakes for breakfast.

  9. $2800??? Good god, hope you play the Powerball on Wednesday!

    Weekends were made for brunch! That's what I like to believe at least.