Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sip Cafe and Little River Band

Good morning!

The weather is sucking the life out of me. I want some SUN. Moving on...

Lunch yesterday was a new find...Sip Cafe. It's in Post Office Square in Boston and if you work in the financial district, you have to try this place. The cafe is in the middle of post office square and it's glass all the way around, making the space feel very open and bright. All the tables were taken when I went in, but I would have loved to sit and stay a while.


They have a variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads that are all made fresh and looked amazing (I creeped other people's food while I was waiting for mine). They also serve coffee and pastries in the morning which I  may have to try out as well.


I ordered the Roasted Chicken sandwich with provolone and avocado. You have the option of getting it as is or pressed...obviously I chose pressed. Hot sandwiches > cold sandwiches. Fact. It was delicious but a little light on the avocado (clearly I like to add at least a half of an avocado to any salad or sandwich, I'm just a pig like that).

And despite the fact that yesterday I said I was not going to give in to the boy and his mission for 50% off candy, I went ahead and bought this guy anyway. It was the last one in the convenience store on the first floor of my building and I felt bad for it. Ok that's a lie. It just looked really good.

Last night I came home to a rare treat. Dinner was made for me! The boy made a pot roast, reheated some leftover mashed potatoes and boiled up some broccoli.

He did a good job except the broccoli was a little overcooked. By overcooked, I mean, it was mush. I couldn't really eat it and considered saving it to make broccoli soup but ended up just throwing it away. The rest was good though and we have leftovers to make beef stew (which I will post my recipe for eventually).

Dessert was a pineapple blueberry mix topped with homemade whipped cream. Homemade whipped cream is one of those things I always try to have in my fridge. A dollop of whipped cream makes anything better.

After dinner we headed out to Best Buy. As we get into the boy's car, he puts a CD on. Suddenly Little River Band starts playing "Reminiscing."

Me: "Are you serious with this?"

Boy: "What are you talking about?"

Me: "Is it just this one song or is this whole CD Little River Band?"

Boy: "It's the greatest hits"

: blank stare :

Boy: "Yeah, I know I'm a little gay. Wait, you're not going to put this on the blog are you?"

Me: "You know everything you say and do is subject to my blog."

Sometimes he still surprises me.

*Confession: I really love that song Reminiscing too.

What music are you embarassed to admit you like?


  1. Hot sandwiches really ARE the best. That is why I heart everything that is the panini. :)

    I like the new Avril song. I know, I know, you're thinking- "what the hell?". ha. Don't hate.

  2. love this :) that cafe looks so cute!

  3. I work pretty close to Sip so I have to check it out sometime! Were the prices decent? I don't eat lunch out very often because I find everything in the financial district is over priced.
    What a nice surprise from the boy :)

  4. @Ashleigh - My sandwich was $6.95, so with a soda it came to about $8. The sandwich was on the larger side though so well worth it. We should meet for lunch sometime!

  5. I love Broadway music! I totally have the soundtracks of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Wicked, Jekyll & Hyde, Rent & Jersey Boys on my iPod! Easter just isn't complete without the cream egg. Period.

  6. I want someone to make dinner for me. Haha I am a country music freak.

  7. Sip looks cool! I like a lot of avocado on my sandwich as well.

    The boy is really trying to win us over in the blog world by cooking you dinner huh?

    I've never heard of Little River. I think the most embarassing thing I like is Lifehouse. They suck hard, but I love them!

  8. Lol I love what Melissa wrote above "the boy is really trying to win us over in the blog world" haha. I am heading to Boston at the end of May for work... we need to chat!

  9. I hope there is at least one more creme egg in my future before they all disappear.
    I like a lot of country, which I'm embarrassed to admit to some people.

  10. The cafe looks so cute! I love all of the windows! Next time I'm in Boston I'll have to check it out.

    And I'm (sometimes) embarrassed to admit that I like almost every pop song ever created. It's not refined, but honestly - crappy pop music makes excellent workout tunes. And I don't discriminate!

  11. $8 isn't bad! We should get lunch soon! Sip has that cute outdoor seating area too!

  12. i always add half an avocado to my sandwich too, isn't that the standard serving size?