Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is Here!

Good morning! I don't know about everyone else, but we had a GORGOUS weekend here in Boston. The temps were in the upper 60s and sunny. So, in the spirit of enjoying the nice weather, the boy and I headed out for a walk around Lake Quinnapowitt in Wakefield yesterday. I brought my camera, so lots of picture taking ensued. I took 34 pictures, but only posted my favorite ones for you.

Welcome to Wakefield!

Bottom's up!

Care to take a seat and rest a while?

I was taking a picture of something else when the boy spotted our shadows, and since I love artsy type photographs, this one ended up being one of my favorites of the day.

I spy a bird's nest!

Rustic wagon

Beautiful blue sky...

The boy, waiting for me to finish being a shutterbug. This one is sort of artsy too, I love it :)

I stalked this bird for a good ten minutes, this is as close as it would let me get...

A sunrise on the lake service? I am not religious but that sounds divine.

By the road, there is an older man who sells bottled water out of a cooler (genius I think) and he offers free doggie water, which I thought was fantastic! He was very pleased that I took a picture of his sign.

This wrought iron fence surrounds the Wakefield cemetary. As you can see, the path around the lake was quite busy yesterday!

It was so good to finally be outside, enjoying the weather and sunshine. My mood increased about a thousand times over just being able to be outside. I am much more a spring and summer person, winter brings me down.

Are you a warm weather fan or a snow bunny?


  1. Can I choose both?! Although, warm weather can be such a "pick me up"...but I find the snow and cold weather to be exhilirating.

  2. I love both, but am so ready to officially enjoy spring!

  3. Jealous. It was chilly and gloomy here all weekend. Of course because I had to be outside all day Saturday.

  4. Love that last picture of the fence! It's really warmed up in Charlotte- the high is supposed to be almost 90 today! Yikes! I love spring :)

  5. I love the lake!! I was just there last weekend running. :) I'm definitely super excited for the warm weather. Bring it on!

  6. Warm weather all the way! Looks like a great day. I love the shadow pic.

  7. Warm weather for sure! I love that you stalked the bird :) Looks like an absolutely beautiful day.

  8. that looks like a fun walk. I like the picture with the shadows the best. We should go walking there soon!

  9. Love the pics! I'm a snow bunny but I also love this mild weather!

  10. I like those pictures! looks like a nice area. I love sunny spring and summer weather- I hate being cold!