Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oatmeal Overboard!

So today's breakfast is a banana, chobani yogurt with granola, and a bowl of oatmeal with protein powder and pumpkin butter. Alas the oatmeal was not meant to be as I didn't put it in a big enough bowl and half of it boiled over :( This is my first time trying the strawberry banana flavor of was actually quite good, I have a new second favorite behind pineapple! Side note to that...I finally convinced Jay that greek yogurt was the way to go (he had been eating columbo before...columbo is so 1999). Also loving the banana nut granola from stop n shop...can you tell I like all things banana? Yeah I'm a tad obsessed with banana actually. (As well as cookies, hence the name of the blog ;)

Breakfast calorie counts:
Banana - 100
Oatmeal w/ Protein & PB - 250 originally, but lost half so 125
Yogurt - 160
Granola - 120
Total - 505

I had a workout scheduled this morning for Back & Biceps with a 3 mile run, but got really lazy and reset my alarm. Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off, but thinking I may make today my day off and go after work tomorrow since I'm not working at the mall (I work a second part-time job for those of you who didn't know). We will have to see. More on that later. Have a good day everybody! See you for lunch!

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