Thursday, February 25, 2010

Robbed by Cheaters and Rain

Good morning readers! Yes, I said in I have TWO followers now :) YAY! Anyway, I forgot to take a picture of last night's dinner with Jay (sorry, am still new to this photographing everything I eat thing) but we had turkey tacos. I had an orange while I was cooking to try to curb my appetite and stick to two tacos only. I did manage to eat only two tacos even though Jay encouraged me to eat a third (thanks for trying to sabotage me, Jay) however, I was still really hungry after dinner so I cooked up some popcorn. Still all in all a reasonable dinner. After dinner we headed over to what is fast becoming my local haunt, Hugh O'Neills for a little sports and entertainment trivia. Between Jay and I, I was really sure we would win easily. Boy was I wrong. We did really really awesome, but somehow still got beaten. We surmised that the winners were sitting in the back and probably cheated because there is no way that we should have lost. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Anyhoo, I will post my dinner calorie counts now:

Orange - 100
Tacos - 400
Popcorn - 100
Total - 600

For breakfast this morning I had the same thing as yesterday (sorry for the lack of variety in my food this week, tomorrow is shopping day and I only shop every two weeks so by the end of the second week I'm repeating things like crazy) which was oatmeal with 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder, craisins, and a handful of slivered almonds. As a side note to this, I walked into my apartment last night to find that my roof was leaking and the container of oatmeal that I left on the counter was soaked on the bottom...I estimate I lost about 3 or 4 bowls of oatmeal :( Damn rain! Oh well, it could be could be snow! See you for lunch.

Calorie counts:

Oatmeal - 400
Banana - 100
Coffee - 60
Total - 560

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