Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Heart Snickers

Dessert from lunch may have been too much...add one more mini snickers bar to this photo and you are looking at what I actually ate. Boo. In my defense though, one of the women I work with sits one door down from me always has a GINORMOUS candy dish full of all my favorites (snickers being the ultimate for me) and it's soooo hard not to devour the entire jar. Lucky for me she leaves early at 3 almost every single day just when my sugar craving is at it's peak and she hides the candy dish...but alas, she always leaves a few pieces out...they are never there in the morning when she comes in and it's usually because of me :(

Calorie Counts:
Vitatop - 100
Snickers bars - 75 (25 calories each)
Total - 175

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