Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friday Night Overindulgence

So I'm a bad food blogger :( I have been on hiatus since Friday and for that I apologize :( Let's just say it's been a really crazy rollercoaster of a week. Anyway, I did take some pictures of my eats over the last 5 days and what I don't have pictures of, I will describe so that you can imagine them ;) We will start with Friday night. Went out to eat to Joe's American Bar & Grill Friday night with my friend Jimmy. It's definitely one of our favorite places. I started with the bread of course, smeared with butter on every surface of the bread. (Note the title of this post says overindulgence...because I overindulged like I was never going to eat again).

They do have the most delicious bread, crusty on the outside but soft and warm on the inside...mmmmm heaven :)

My entree was the special, filet tips in a mushroom sauce glaze with mashed potatoes and carrots and string beans. I must say I was a little disappointed with the filet tips, they are usually much better than this. I only ate less than half of the mashed potatoes because while they are good, I only like to waste calories on fattening foods I love (like the butter smeared bread). I ate all the string beans but don't like cooked carrots at all unless they are in a stew, so I left those on my plate.

We chose the apple pie with vanilla ice cream for the dessert...that is Jimmy looking super excited about the apple pie. I typically like the apple crisp when there are no good dessert specials, but he think the apple crisp there is not that great, so he was happy about the change to pie. It was quite delicious.

To finish the meal I decided to order a cup of espresso...which Jimmy tried, made a face and put down immediately. I know espresso isn't for everyone, but I really love it on occasion. After half the cup was gone I mixed in a little of the leftover ice cream from the pie but even the ice cream couldn't overpower the bitterness of the espresso. MMMMM good :) What a delicious meal :)

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