Friday, February 26, 2010

This Elephant Always Forgets

Howdy peeps! You know the drill this week, oatmeal for breakfast ;) I sort of ran out of craisins today except for maybe ten little stragglers so I threw those in and compensated by adding in a spoonful of pumpkin butter and my usual handful of almonds. Banana and coffee on the side as usual :)

Since I missed it last night AGAIN because I'm a bad blogger...I had a mini bagel with veggie cream cheese before the gym last night and a delicious smoothie for after the gym. In my smoothie went 1/2 cup of strawberries, 1/2 cup of blueberries, 2 heaping spoonfuls of greek yogurt, 1/2 scoop of strawberry protein powder and a splash of water and splenda. Yummy :) Speaking of the gym, my goal last night had been to do a spin class, followed by a 3 mile run, and finishing with legs and shoulders...however, the Thursday night spin class is the hardest class I take so by the end of the class I was TIRED. So I decided to skip the run and add some abs to my workout instead. I was still at the gym for 2 hours so I feel good about skipping the run :) And by the way, my quads are burning today. But that's a good thing!

I have to go home for lunch today because I stupidly forgot my clothes for work tonight at the lox, ugh. Luckily it's not pouring anymore so I should be able to make it to my house and back in my lunch hour. See you after lunch!

Calorie Counts:
Oatmeal - 350
Banana - 100
Coffee - 60
Total - 510

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