Friday, February 26, 2010

Hungry Hungry Hippo!

Wasn't that a great game?? Well that's what I'm like today. Right after breakfast I walked over to D&D with Beth to fetch a coffee for my boss and ordered 2 jelly munchkins to treat myself for being so good lately...well apparently you can only order a minimum of four (way to encourage unhealthy eating D&D) so I ordered four with the intention of eating 2 and either trying to give away the other 2 or throwing them out...well if you know me at all I'm sure you can guess what happened...I ate all four. Sorry about the no lunch pictures today, had to go home for lunch because I forgot my clothes and forgot to bring my phone to photograph my delicious lunch of leftover turkey tacos. YUM! Now you would think that after my little munchkin transgression this morning I would have learned my lesson and stuck with the food I brought, but nope! Someone brought in a brick of delicious looking cheese and a box of Ritz crackers and left them in the kitchen. Luckily I managed to stop myself after 2 slices of cheese and 2 Ritz crackers...but swinging back by the office of the coworker who I told you has a bucketload of candy? Yes, I grabbed two mini snickers bars. And now I'm eating an apple...I must be stopped! Truly, this is it until dinner. I have to exercise some self control here.

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