Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Leftovers Again???

So very pleased with my hunger today (or lack thereof). Usually by 10am I am ravenous and counting the minutes until lunch, but not so today! However, at 10:30 I did eat my snack of carrot sticks just to tie me over until lunch.

Lunch today was leftover turkey meatballs and whole wheat pasta with spinach. I actually really like this leftover rather than fresh because I like my pasta really mushy (unlike my oatmeal). I am getting a little sick of it though since this is my third time having it in the last week so thankfully this was the last container of it :) Apple on the side for dessert.

Calorie Counts:
Carrots - 50
Meatballs & Pasta - 450
Apple - 100
Total - 600

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