Thursday, December 9, 2010

Around the Interwebs

Only ONE more day and it's the weekend. I am very much looking forward to this weekend because I actually don't have ANYTHING planned. How great is that? Lots of much needed R&R for this girl and I'm really excited about it. Since I was on my death bed last weekend, I feel like it's been two weeks since I had a "weekend."

So I want to try a little feature out this week, see  how I like it, see how you guys like it, called "Around the Interwebs." I browse the Internet like it's my second job and I read a lot of interesting/sad/funny things and have been thinking I would like to share some of them with you.

First up we have an article on about emoticons. I totally disagree with this article. I happen to love emoticons. The whole point of email and text is to make things faster and simpler. Using emoticons is just a way of conveying emotion without trying to find the right words, and in a digital age when most communication is not done face to face where you can read someone's facial expressions, emoticons are important. Long live the emoticon I say ;) And yes, I really do wink at people in real life all the time.

This may be the funniest blog post I have ever read. This girl is seriously hilarious. Of course I was dumb enough to read this while I was at work, in a conference room with three other people. I had to keep biting the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing out loud. So if you're at work or in a library for instance, better save this one for when you get home and can enjoy a hearty laugh.

Kalamata Olive Hummus. Need I say more? This literally may be the best creation on earth. I made some myself and OH.MY.YUM.

Now onto the daily stuff. I have been really good about working out this week and have been to the gym everyday for a minimum 40 minute cardio session. I have a Bodypump class scheduled tonight. I am bringing the boy with me for the first time. I am hoping he loves it as much as I do! I haven't been to Bodypump in forever and I know I am going to be SORE tomorrow. It hurts so good!

Breakfast this morning was oatmeal (I know all you bloggers love looking at picture after picture of oatmeal on everyone's blog).

In with the oats was some protein powder, walnuts, and a two scoops of the Cranberry Apple Butter from Trader Joe's. I do love their fruit butters, but to be honest, I didn't really love this one in my oatmeal. It was a little too bitter. Some agave or honey next time should improve things. For lunch I packed a big mouth sandwich (toasting the bread so things wouldn't get soggy).

After Bodypump tonight the boy is making some pita pizzas in the oven. I have been really good with my eating this week as well except for last night when I slipped and had two oreos. Thank goodness there was only two, if there had been a whole bag in my house it would have been game over.

How do you feel about emoticons? Have you ever tried Bodypump or a weight class like it?


  1. You are making me very hungry with everything in this post!! I <3 avocado! :-) not as much as I love you though! :-)

    Hope you have a great relaxing weekend to yourself! I will be studying my life away :-(

  2. Cute blog girl! I have not tried bodypump but I've done a lift class and I just saw the instructor and they are changing it to body pump!! I'm ok with emoticons too :)