Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Revisited

Hi friends! Long time no talk! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I know I certainly did. This years Christmas was very low key but truthfully one of the best I've had.

It all started on Friday when my new camera came! Yes, that's right, I got the Canon Rebel! I have literally been following the boy and the cats around the house taking hundreds of pictures of them. They all love this, I can tell. The boy asked me when I was going to get tired of it, I said NEVER! I have to say that of the three of them, Bailey is by far my best subject. I love the quality of pictures from this camera.

Christmas day started out with the boy making breakfast for me. Cinnamon french toast with orange slices on the side. Yum. French toast is my favorite breakfast food.

My plate:

His plate:

The boy and I had agreed not to buy each other gifts since our gift was the trip to Costa Rica, but after breakfast was over, the boy pulled out a cereal box and said he wanted to get me something small...I was extremely confused but was thinking at least he knows what brand of cereal I like...but apparently he forgot to buy wrapping paper, so he put my gift in an empty cereal box. He is nothing if not resourceful.

Waiting for my inside was Inception on Blu Ray and a Starbucks gift card.

What a bad influence he is. At least he knows the way to my heart is through Starbucks. Which is funny considering the conversation we had the other day:

Me: I think it's a Starbucks kind of day
Boy: Baby, remember, that is a bad boyfriend...
Me: It really is, but I love it and I can't help but to I keep going back
Boy: But you have a good boyfriend and that should be enough for you
Me: But you don't make me feel the way Starbucks makes me feel...
Boy: Warm inside and satisfied?
Me: Yes exactly.

Since we had such a big breakfast, we just had a snack in the afternoon of pigs in a blanket. These were always one of my favorite appetizers, and ever since I saw a frozen version at Trader Joe's a few weeks back, I haven't been able to get them out of my mind, so I knew I had to make them for Christmas. They were just as good as I remembered.

Dinner was pot roast (which actually came out really dry, but the potatoes and carrots were good). I set up a romantic table for two for us.

I know this table looks pretty and romantic NOW but I actually bought the table cloth and the candles on Thursday and in the span of two days picked the table cloth and candles off the floor at least a dozen times (one of the candles actually has a dent in it from being dropped if you look close) because the cats love how easy it is to slide across the table with the table cloth on it. I did not find this as amusing as they did.

Dessert was the boy's favorite...strawberry shortcake. The whipped cream was homemade, but the actual cake part was store bought. It was still delicious and we both practically inhaled it.

After dinner we went to go see Black Swan (movie post coming later in the week) and then came back to booze it up. What's Christmas without a little drunken wrestling? No pictures of that unfortunately, but we had a blast. For the boozing, we both started out with wine.

I switched over to beer when my wine ran out (only had two glasses left in the bottle) and the boy just drank straight out of his bottle of wine that he had been drinking. Nothing says Christmas like hitting the bottle straight up!

Now it's time to bring this monstrous post to a close. With the purchase of my new camera, you can expect to see many more photos on my blog because I am OBSESSED with the new camera.

How was your Christmas? What's your favorite party appetizer?


  1. Looks like a wonderful holiday! Santa brought me a new camera as well - pretty sure the husband is already over being photographed over and over! Merry Christmas!

  2. What a sweet Christmas! You know when he's a keeper when he knows that Starbucks is the way to your heart! :)