Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Tail of Two Cats

Some people really love their pets. I try not to be one of those crazy cat ladies who is constantly posting pictures of her cats. I am making the exception today to share a little story with you.

I occasionally post pictures of my two cats, Mica and Bailey on the blog. Their back story is that they are sisters and essentially polar opposites. Mica is sweet, affectionate, and very laid back. Bailey is cranky, mischievious, and destructive. I say I love them both just like parents say they don't have a favorite, but in reality everyone knows Mica is my favorite. She was the runt of the litter and was significantly smaller than her brothers and sisters. My plan was only to take her (I felt bad for her because she was so small and didn't think anyone else would want her) but I randomly got the idea to take a second one so that they could keep each other company. Plus who can resist kittens right? They were so cute when they were little.

They are a little over 3.5 years old now and have not calmed down the least bit.

I got home last night after the gym and was sitting on the couch. Bailey came over to sit with me and we watched Gossip Girl together. Ten o'clock rolled around and it was bedtime for me. The normal bedtime routine is that as soon as the cats see me starting to turn lights off, they both run for the bedroom and hide under the bed because they don't want me to shut the door. The only way to get them out is kitty treats. So per usual, I shook the kitty treat bag and Bailey came running. But Mica didn't. Strange I thought. I started calling her and looking all around for her. She was nowhere to be found. I checked every closet, every cabinet, under the furniture, everywhere. I figured if she was trapped somewhere she would meow when I called her (Bailey frequently gets trapped in closests because she sneaks in when I'm not looking and then I shut the door) but not a peep.

At this point, panic starts to set in. I am furiously texting the boy, who was at the Pats game, that I think Mica got out. That was the only explanation because no matter where she was, she would've come out for treats. She is obsessed with treats. I hurriedly throw on my jacket and sneakers and head outside with a bag of treats, thinking if she is in fact outside, she will come when I shake the bag. So for 20 minutes I run around my neighborhood like a crazy person shaking the bag of treats and calling her. At this point I am hysterical because I think she must have gotten run over or someone stole her thinking she was a stray.

I cannot explain the fear and sadness that washed over me. I finally go back inside and start crying because I think my baby is gone. That's when I hear it. Not a meow. A cry. I try to localize it, it seems to be coming from the diningroom somewhere. I call for Mica over and over again until I found her. Apparently the boy shut her in the drawer where he keeps his Pats tickets without realizing it. She had been stuck in a drawer for almost 15 hours. I literally could have killed him. But I have never been more relieved in my life. Sometimes it takes something like that to make you realize just how much your pets mean to you.

I gave Mica the entire full bag of treats before bed.

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