Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ten Things NOT To Do At Your Office Christmas Party

What happens at the office Christmas party, does not stay at the office Christmas gets talked about for years. And if you are one of the people who made an ass of themselves at the office party, you will be topic of conversation until at least next year when someone else makes an even bigger ass of themselves. But even then, you will forever be known as that guy/girl.

Not that I am guilty of any of these...but here are ten things NOT to do at your office Christmas party this year.

1. Don't drink too much. Drinking too much usually equates to saying too much, and you don't want to say anything to your coworkers, or even worse, your boss, drunk that you wouldn't say sober. You know, like telling your coworker you have been picturing him or her naked for the last three years or telling your boss that you think the guy in accounting might be gay.

2. Don't molest anyone. Just because it's a party and there's mistletoe hanging, doesn't mean it's appropriate to plant one on your boss's hot wife. It's also not appropriate to get too up close and personal in someone's space just because you're not at work.

3. Don't talk shop. No one wants to talk about work when they are no longer at work, even if you are at a party with work people. Leave the office talk at the office. It's a party, let loose and have fun!

4. Do not fill a grocery bag with items from the buffet to take home. Yes, they are going to throw it away anyway, but that doesn't mean you have to showcase your cheap gluttony for a buffet at an office function.

5. Don't treat it like a meat market. Slutting it up at the office Christmas party is never an option. These are your coworkers, not potential dates. Go on Craigslist if you are looking for potential one night stands.

6. Don't venture out of PG territory. This is not your opportunity to start swearing like a sailor or telling inappropriate jokes. Save that for your Grandma at your family party.

7. Don't dance like you're at the club. Grinding with that cute IT guy will not only be a lasting memory for pretty much everyone at the party, but see rules # 2 and 5. Dancing like a stripper has no place at the office Christmas party. This is also not the time to attempt the dances that were popular when you were a teenager...twenty years ago.

8. Don't sit in the corner. The point of a party is to mingle. This especially holds true if it is your first Christmas party at a job. This presents an opportunity to talk to people you might otherwise not have the occasion to talk to. If you sit in the corner all night, you will be missing out.

9. Don't complain about the party like this girl did. Especially on camera.

10. Don't dress inappropriately. If you wouldn't wear it to the office, don't wear it to the party. Keep it covered boys and girls.

Have you ever done anything inappropriate at an office party?


  1. HAHAHA OMG THAT VIDEO!!! completely hilarious!!!!

  2. Good tips! I don't think I've ever done anything too inappropriate, but we had one last Sunday that got a little out of hand and it turns out I left just in time!

  3. No dropping it like it's hot at holiday parties?1 DAng it!!

  4. I work in a small office (12 people) and we had our holiday party last week. Things got a little crazy with drinking and dancing at a fun restaurant here in NYC. Luckily everyone behaved and we all had a GREAT time!

  5. One of my former co-workers broke the "get drunk" rule and danced on a table (I guess breaking the dancing rule, as well) when we dared him to...and he did it twice...and then needed a ride home and called in sick the next day to the most important guy on the program. It was nothing short of hilarious and we STILL talk about it to this day.

  6. Ahhhh! I love this :) There's definitely a girl in my office that totally professed her love for a co-worker at least 10 years ago and it's still talked about. Awesome.