Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baan Thai

Sometimes the perfect Saturday night involves some takeout, a carpet picnic, and a great movie...which is exactly what the boy and I did this Saturday night. We have been on the hunt for a good Thai takeout place in Waltham, and this time we decided to give Baan Thai on Main Street a try. We ordered Won Ton soup to start:

This soup was awesome, but then again it's really hard to mess up Wonton soup. For an appetizer we ordered the dumplings:

These were absolutely fantastic. Best part of the meal hands down. They were flavorful and not greasy or heavy at all. I ate them sans sauce, but the boy said the sauce was really good. For our entree we decided to split the Kra-Prao fried rice, which is fried rice in chili paste with minced chicken, chopped string beans, peppers, and sweet basil.

Neither one of us liked this dish. The chili powder didn't translate at all, the dish was completely overpowered by the sweet basil and it was more sweet than spicy. There was a lack of peppers as well. We both agreed we would not get this dish again, but the soup and dumplings were so good that I would definitely go back and just try a different entree next time.

Our movie of choice was Avatar (which I had seen but he had not). I loved Avatar when I saw it at the imax, and I loved it again watching it at home. Surprisingly, the boy didn't like it. Well, I never said he had good taste in movies (one of his favs is the Adventures of Ford Farlaine). All in all, it was a perfect Saturday night just camping out on the floor with our takeout watching a movie.

What's your favorite way to spend a Saturday night?

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