Monday, November 8, 2010


Ugh Monday came so quick. I'm blogging from the road this week, so we'll see how well I can maintain healthy eating when room service comes into play. In the meantime, I had lunch at Yardhouse in Dedham at Legacy Place this weekend for actually the second time, but I only just took pictures this time, and plus, you guys want me to be SURE I like a place before I recommend it to you right?

The hands down coolest thing about this place is that they have a heated patio. We didn't eat on the patio, but I was extremely impressed about it. The inside has a full wrap around bar, a number of hightops, and regular tables. Having only been for lunch, I would imagine that it gets very busy for dinner or a big game. The first time I went, the service was fantastic...this time however, we waited forever for our food and our waitress was only adequate. I ordered the Avocado Swiss burger with sweet potato fries, which I loved the second time and loved even more this time. It's just that good.

Meg and Jimmy were my dates for this lunch. They both were very happy with their dishes as well. Meg ordered the Avocado Swiss burger as well with a veggie burger instead of the beef. Jimmy ordered some asian fusion dish (this irks me, don't go to a place that specializes in burgers and order a stir fry).

I can definitively say that I am a huge fan of Yardhouse. The food is excellent, they have an extensive selection of beers on tap, and it is a great place to watch a game as there are TVs in every nook and cranny. Plus any place that adds avocado to anything is going to be a huge win in my book.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the Wrentham Outlets yet again, on the mission for a suit this time. At first I was having ZERO luck but thank god for the Ann Taylor Factory Store. I was able to find a three piece suit for the bargain price of $167. Not too shabby! Unfortunately I have an odd body shape, so finding suits that fit me is really hard.  Same with bathing suits and jeans!

Is there anything you have a hard time shopping for?

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  1. I need to start putting avocado on my burgers. I rarely eat burgers, but when I do, I need to remember the avocado!

    I have a hard time shopping for any type of clothes. I might start shopping in Gap Kids.