Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've Been Found Out

This week there has been a whole LOT of this...

As I have mentioned, I am traveling for work...and since I'm actually only an hour and a half away from home, I've driven home twice this week after work to see my boy (yeah I know, cute but in a co-dependent kind of way). This has translated into one very late night and one very early morning, so sleep this week for me has been limited. Hence all the coffee. Plus it's expensed so that doesn't hurt either. I've been to a few new restaurants this week that I would have loved to review for you guys, but alas, I hadn't told my work peeps about the blog until lunch today, and even that was by accident as my boss spied me photographing my sandwich and asked me about it. I'm sure he was thinking "why the hell is this freak taking pictures of her food?" Oh well. I've been found out. I would like to say that now my work people know about it, I will have to try keep my swearing to a minimum, but I really don't think I can swing that.

Speaking of my lunch, it was not the healthiest, but not the worst I could have done either. Options are limited at the cafeteria in the building I'm in, and I'm sketched out by community salad bars, so it had to be a chicken salad sandwich.

A few days ago I got the same thing (only swap out the M&Ms in the above picture for an oatmeal cookie) but it had cranberries and walnuts and it was delicious. No cranberries and walnuts today and it was just good. Above and beyond for a cafeteria in my opinion.

Turns out I'm going to be out in Springfield (western mass, way out in the boonies) until the week before Christmas, so you guys will be seeing a TON of restaurant reviews for out here. I love having a job that lets me travel. At the same time, I'm super excited to go home tomorrow and sleep in my own bed, cuddle with my boy and my kittens, and catch up on all my bad TV shows in my jammies.

What do you miss most when you're away from home?

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  1. That sandwich sounds delish. I love anything with cranberries in it. I love your nail polish too!

    Springfield has a few good restaurants, but is kinda blah...good luck there!