Monday, November 29, 2010

Food and Beer and Movies, Oh My!

Hey guys, back in Springfield this week! You know I'm super excited! At least I am only here until Wednesday this week.

I had an eventful weekend, so below are just some of the highlights. The one and only meal I remembered to photograph this weekend was yesterday's breakfast. I had a bowl of yogurt, pumpkin, and granola with a side of half an english muffin with peanut butter and a few bites of banana that the boy wouldn't eat because it was too ripe. I have a cast iron stomach and the boy gets squeamish about just about anything when it comes to food. So I manned up and ate the banana for him ;)

Friday night the boy and I went out to play some pool and eat gross bar food. I won't name the place because since pool was free until 7, I'm sure the boy will want to go back there at some point. But let's just say that I will be eating before I go next time. It's really really hard to screw up bar food, but this place did a damn good job of finding ways. Anyway, after that we went home to rewatch Harry Potter 6 in preparation for seeing it yesterday at the Imax. And because we are LAME we both fell asleep on the couch half way through the movie. Apparently we got old overnight.

It was the boy's first ever trip to the Imax. I joked beforehand that seeing a movie at the Imax would ruin him for all other movies. Well that would have been true, had the movie actually been good. I know a lot of Harry Potter fans will eviscerate me for saying this, but Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows was BORING. They must have spent an hour and a half out of the over two hour movie just sitting in the woods. There was a LOT of sitting in the woods. The action parts were very good, but they were very far apart. I know that a lot of this is build up to the ultimate showdown between Harry and Voldemort, but I almost wished I had just waited for the second one to come out.

Since I'm randomly living at the movie theatre lately, Saturday afternoon I met Danielle to go see Burlesque. Scoff if you will, but I really liked it. Plus, Xtina and Cher both rule my world. I love me some divas. Apparently Danielle and I were not the only ones as there were a bunch of people in the theatre, including two older ladies who did a sort of Rockette-esque kicking dance into the theatre in an effort to mimic Burlesque dancing. It was slightly tragic, slightly cute, but very odd.

Also when I was in the movie theatre waiting for Danielle, one of the showings of Tangled sold out. Apparently this movie is HOT right now because there were a ton of very upset little kids running around. One girl actually left crying. The mother was dragging her to another movie theatre. This will pale in comparison though to when the Justin Beiber movie comes out. Yes you read that right. There is a Justin Beiber movie coming out. Can you imagine the hysteria?? Avoid the movie theatre at all costs that weekend people.

Before having to head back to Springfield, last night I randomly got a raging craving for Yardhouse all of a sudden. I had been wanting to take the boy there because I knew he would love it, and sure enough he did. I ordered my usual Avocado Swiss burger and the boy got the Pepper Jack burger, but the real star of the show was this guy.

The boy and I inspected the beer menu for quite a while before getting a recommendation from the waitress. This right here is a seasonal beer. Caramel. Or as the waitress referred to it, "christmas in a glass." Well cue the tinsel throwing because she was not exaggerating. I started out with Wachusett Blueberry because whenever I get wachusett blueberry on tap and actual blueberries are involved, I can never turn it down. I switched over to the caramel after trying a sip of the boy's though. Oh my yum. Best beer I've had in a while, possibly ever.

What's your favorite beer? Seen any good movies lately?


  1. You know - I always experiment with different beers when I'm at bars or pubs but I always always forget the name! For instance, I had a fabulous pear cider the other day that I would buy by the bucket load but now can't remember the name! Maybe it's from too much beer! ;)

  2. I'm dying to see Burlesque. I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body.