Monday, November 22, 2010

Home At Last

Happy Monday y'all. It's back to the grind.

I am home for the week instead of in Springfield (yay!) but there was a few girls who were not as happy as I was about that. For the first day I was home, I got a lot of this.

She is on my lap, but she wouldn't face me and got up when I tried to pet her. Finally yesterday when it was about naptime for me, both kittens stopped being frosty and decided to forgive me for being away so much and we all cuddled together and took a little siesta.

Can you see my feet in the picture? Cute socks, right? Bath and Body Works fuzzy socks are the best. I have about ten pairs of them and wear them all winter long. The reason I was wearing them all weekend is because I ran out of oil. What a disaster. I got home yesterday after being out all day and noticed it was chilly in the apartment. It was a cool crisp 58 degrees. So after much running around and phone calls, I discovered that if I wanted someone to make an emergency trip out, it was going to cost me $100. Otherwise I would have to wait until Monday. So I went out and bought some space heaters to keep the apartment warm for the weekend. I figure I will use them even after the oil gets replenished, just keep the temperature lower since the price of oil is so astronomical. Never a dull moment in my life, I promise you that.

After I got the space heaters going and got the apartment back to 65 degrees, I started to get ready to go out. Saturday night's destination was Rock Revolution with Danielle and Mike for Danielle's friend Ariel's birthday party. Danielle even did my hair! Here is a blurry side shot of my hair (and no I was not already drunk when I took this picture, it was just my third attempt at a picture of myself with my phone and I gave up after this one). I never ever curl my hair because let's face it, I'm way too lazy to mess around with a curling iron, but if I have someone who is willing to do my hair for me, I'm not going to say no! It came out really good, girlfriend has some talent.

Don't mind the ginormous bags under my eyes, I got almost no sleep Friday night and was hungover from a trip to Santarpios and Margaritas with the boy. I felt better that it was dark at Rock Rev and no one could see the five piece luggage set I was carrying under my eyes. Of course I had a little too much Saturday night too, but the boy put his sweet hat on and decided to wake up early and make me breakfast in bed :)

He made me two fried eggs (he has never fried an egg before, I was extremely impressed), two pieces of toast, and some applewood smoked bacon. He even went to Starbucks and got me a gingerbread latte to go with my breakfast. Am I a lucky girl or what? Breakfast was delicious. The only problem is that now I'm going to expect him to cook more often. When I said this to him, I may or may not have gotten a look of fear. I spent the rest of the day napping on the couch with my kittens, catching up on my TV shows and doing laundry.

How was your weekend?

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