Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Holidays Are Here!

Yes, that's right. The holidays are here. Christmas music is playing on the radio, everyone has turkey on the brain, and Christmas trees are popping up everywhere.

Historically, I have always liked the holidays. It has been different for me since I lost my grandmother though. I can still appreciate the holidays, but celebrating them without her delicious fried breads and the huge family meals feels empty. What I am looking forward to though, is attempting to recreate her fried breads on my own this season. Once I am successful (I have tried in the past and failed miserably), I will post the recipe and process for you guys. I promise you, if you make nothing else that I have featured on my blog, you must make these. For me, they taste like home. For you, they will taste like a slice of heaven. More on that to come ;)

Breakfast was the same, an apple and a larabar. Lunch was the same again as well, a chicken salad sandwich. For dinner tonight, we headed over to a local Italian restaurant. I am not doing an official review of it, but am planning on going back to do a more detailed review. I ordered the Ratatta, which is basically marinated chicken with eggplant, roma tomatoes, penne, and buffalo mozzarella. It was absolutely delicious. Everything about the dish was just perfect, down to the eggplant.

I didn't take a picture of dessert because quite frankly it wasn't worth taking a picture of it. I ordered the chocolate mousse. What I got was chocolate cake, that had obviously been in the refrigerator too long, with a sickeningly sweet frosting on top with a cherry as hard as a rock. The waitress came over and asked how I liked it, so I was honest and told her that I didn't like it. She explained that it was supposed to only have a thin layer of cake and she brought me a new one, which was better than the first, but still not good. A dessert has to be really bad for me not to like it you guys. You know this about me. Perhaps when I go back the second time, my dessert will be as good as my entree was.

On a side note, have any of you heard of porn in a cup? I wish someone would bring this to Boston!

Are you excited for the holidays?

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