Monday, November 15, 2010

Ew Monday

So it's Monday again. I feel like it was just Friday five minutes ago. All I did most of the weekend was just run errands, and then headed back to Springfield late last night. It was nice to be home for the weekend, even though I came home to 500 straws all over my apartment. And no, that's not an exaggeration. This little beast located my BJs box of drinking straws, knocked it over, and proceeded to strew all 500 straws ALL OVER the place. I am still finding them.

This picture looks fairly harmless and cute, right? Well right before it was taken she knocked the charger that was on the shelf onto the floor. She is the devil. I'm sure all of you who have pets can agree, as cute and cuddly as they are, they can be a pain in the ass.

Even though it was a busy weekend of errand running, I did have time to have lunch with the absolutely fabulous Danielle. We hit up Border Cafe in Burlington and consumed wayyyy too many chips. After our gabfest,  this license plate was spotted:

Classy, no? I pointed it out to Danielle and then we stalked the car until we got to a stop light so we could take pictures of it to laugh about it with all of our friends. You guys know how I am about stalking. I like to think I'm an expert. And you totally would have done it too. The only thing that would make this license plate funnier would be if it was either a man driving the car or a little old lady. It was neither unfortunately. Just a little license plate humor for you ;)

The rest of the weekend flew by in a blur. Checking into the hotel last night I was pleasantly surprised to be put on the other side of the building for the week, thus a much better view than that of the top of the parking garage that I got on the other side last week.

Breakfast this morning was an apple and a LaraBar. I know it's lacking in protein, but while I'm in Springfield it will most likely be my breakfast every day just because I'm trying not to completely go overboard on food.

I know I am going to be eating dinner out every night, so a lighter breakfast, a medium lunch, and a large dinner is how I am going to be rolling for the week I think.

Lunch today was a recent staple...chicken salad. I was bummed when they said they were out of pickles and had to give me carrot sticks instead. So to ease my disappointment, I grabbed an apple pie parfait. It was pretty good, but would've been better warm.

I am off to dinner...not sure where we will end up tonight, but if it's a new place, I will be sure to review it for you guys.

What do you hate most about Mondays? Have you ever stalked another car?

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  1. stalking maneater was fabulous :-) although I am still sad I couldn't find a pair of boots! I think I'm going to try DSW tomorrow night in Saugus to see if they have anything and then try and head to NH so I can use that coupon you gave me! :-) maybe they will even let me use that at the Saugus store ;-) never know!

    damn that Bailey!!!! I think she was sad her mama hasn't been around all week :-(