Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi friends! Long time no see! You would not believe what I have been through. I had to go FOUR DAYS without internet (except for on my phone). Yes you read that right. Four days. I know some of you reading this probably gasped out loud at the horror of it, and my fellow food bloggers, I know you probably died a little inside. You know how I feel. The problem is my job now is a TON of travel, and since I was new, they didn't have a wireless card for my computer yet, so I had to do without internet. But never fear! I got one today so I will be blogging from the road next week, which should provide me (and you) with a lot of abnormal eats and interesting posts.

Today was a little out of the ordinary, since I will be out of town all next week, I haven't been grocery shopping (the boy will need to eat of course, but if I'm not there he won't cook, so chances are he will get lunch out most days and have Elios for dinner), so I had to go out for lunch today. I had yet to explore the Financial District outside of my first day lunch with my boss at Elephant & Castle, so I was excited to get out, walk around, see what I could find that would tickle my taste buds. I consulted my trusty friend Yelp, and much to my delight, I discovered there was a Souper Salad right around the corner! I almost died with happiness. They used to have a Souper Salad at the South Shore Plaza but it went out of my business. Way back in the day when the fuzz and I were working in Quincy, we ate at Souper Salad practically everyday. They make the best chicken caesar wraps on the face of the planet. Trust me. I would not lie to you about this. So I took a little stroll over to Federal Street to check it out...and it WASN'T THERE. My happiness quickly turned to grief. I had been so excited to bite into one of those delicious wraps again, but alas, it wasn't to be.

I kept on walking a little further and stumbled upon Roly Poly. Apparently this is a chain but I had never seen one or been to one before. They specialize in wraps also, hot and cold. I opted for the Chipotle Chicken, which had grilled chicken, spinach, bacon, tomato, monterey jack cheese, onion (which I picked out), and a spicy sauce. Oh my yum. It also came with a side of ranch dressing, but it was completely unnecessary. And it was TOASTED. Everything is better toasted.

The one downside to Roly Poly is the seating situation, or rather, lack thereof. They have four 4-person tables and a counter with 4 additional seats. The counter, however, is opposite the pick up station, so people waiting for their food sit there, making it impossible to sit there if you're eating. So little old me took up a 4-person table. And I felt like a jerk. That being said, I will definitely be adding this place to my regular lunch rotation when I'm in the office. I can't wait to try some of their other wraps. On the way back to work, I decided to stop off for a coffee (yeah, you're surprised) and was absolutely elated to find that the winter flavors have returned as well as the festive holiday cups! Do you know what's in this joyous cup of happiness? An eggnog latte. Sigh. So delicious.

Tonight's dinner is TBD. The boy and I are going out with some friends of his, so it remains unclear what we will be having for dinner. All I know is I will be consuming some adult beverages tonight. I'm seriously hoping that they have Winter Warmer on tap, this eggnog latte is making me crave winter beer flavors!

What is your favorite seasonal beverage? Mine is so hard to choose. I love pumpkin beer and pumpkin coffee, but I love the summer beers too, and I have winter beer on the mind and eggnog latte in my belly. I just love them all!

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