Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Good morning! I have a restaurant review for you guys today, YAY! Last night we tried a barbeque place called Theodore's. It's actually known for it's blues music on Friday and Saturday nights, but it's worth it to eat there during the week as well.

The decor inside was really cool and funky. I absolutely loved it. It had a very laid back feel to it.

I am a sucker for anyplace that lets you color on the tablecloth (I'm looking at you Macaroni Grille!). I did my usual flowers and eye (for some reason I have been drawing eyes since middle school). Unfortunately I was with work people otherwise I would have pulled an immature move and drawn inappropriate things. My friend Kristen and I love doing this.

I ordered the blackened chicken sandwich with honey mustard and swiss cheese. The rub that they used on the chicken was absolutely fantastic. It was spicy, but not too spicy. Usually when I get blackened chicken I can find it a little dry, but not the case with this sandwich. The chicken was juicy and flavorful. On the side was spicy waffle fries that were delicious. The only thing missing was a dill spear.

My coworker ordered the chicken caesar salad that looked awesome, so I took a photo of this one as well.

All in all I really liked this place and would definitely go back. Next time I will get the chicken caesar salad, and I will definitely go on a weekend night to check out their blues show because I'm sure it's amazing.

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  1. I love waffle fries. Cover them with cheese and I'd probably burst from excitement.