Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Heat is On

Hi bloggies. So 2 very frigid days in my house and $325 later, the heat finally works again. The numbness in my fingers and toes still hasn't totally returned though.

Breakfast yesterday was cereal. I decided to work from home yesterday since I wanted to wait for the oil man to come and assure me there was nothing wrong with my heat and fill up my oil tank. I was originally told that the oil in the tank would last until Christmas. Well, it's not even Thanksgiving so what gives? Mr. Oil Man said nothing was wrong, it was just empty and my fault for not checking the gauge. Grrrr.

I like working from home because then I can make my lunch. Of course I opted for a big mouth sandwich (I don't usually pack those just because I hate soggy sandwiches and the mustard, tomato, and avocado can make everything soggy). Cracked pepper turkey, stoneground mustard, tomatoes, and avocado on toasted whole wheat bread. YUM.

On the side I had some wheat thins and a gingerbread man. I will have you all know that I did not buy this gingerbread man. The boy drives an ambulance for a living, and apparently he looks emaciated or something because the nurses like to feed him, so he comes home with all these little snacks and cookies all the time. I try to avoid them, I even put them in a jar on a high shelf in the pantry. But this little guy was calling to me today. I always eat the head first, anyone else? There is something oddly satisfying about biting the head off of a gingerbreadman.

I made a trip over to Trader Joe's yesterday to pick up a couple of things...the fresh mild salsa for one thing. But they were out of it. This scares me. Everyone familiar with Trader Joe's knows that they rotate their products a lot, and the last time I couldn't find something I was looking for they had discontinued it. I cannot live without that salsa. I would have to resort to making my own and that is way too much vegetable chopping for this lazy girl. On the bright side, I did find this finally:

I am obsessed with the pumpkin butter which is also seasonal like this is, but for some reason, I hadn't been able to find this until now. I can't wait to try this in my oatmeal. I forgot the bacon that I had specifically went to TJ's to get since I was so upset about them not having my salsa. But coming home and watching Bailey play in the bag cheered me up a little bit.

All the expensive cat toys I have bought for them and they get more enjoyment out of a paper bag than anything. Don't you wish life was that simple?

Dinner was a random hodgepodge of things. I started out with a green monster, but I was still hungry after that, so I made some popcorn for the boy and me while we caught up on Boardwalk Empire. Then while making our lunches for tomorrow, I decided to have a piece of bread with butter. Then I finished my eating spree with two fig newtons and finally called it a night. I'm not sure why I was so snacky.

Do you ever get snacky? How do you make it stop? And do you bite the head off your gingerbread men first?


  1. I eat every 3 hours and plan my snacks. Knowing that I'll be eating soon keeps me from snacking.

    I hate soggy sandwiches too. I wish I worked from home and could have that sandwich!

  2. OH MAN once I get that random hunger I cannot stop either!!! Mike and I also had popcorn with Boardwalk - but that was Sunday :-)

    and yes, that ginger' is going DOWN HEAD FIRST! :-)