Friday, November 12, 2010


Howdy from classy Springfield (this is sarcasm, anyone actually from Mass knows how scummy Springfield is). Case in point, there are approximately three stripclubs within two blocks of my hotel. I guess the girls in Springfield gotta get that money. Oh and everything closes before dark. A bunch of us from my company actually had dinner the other night and one of the guys who was not from here mentioned that he went for a run by the river and saw shopping carts floating in it. Yeah that's normal.

Just as I had mentioned in my previous post, I have a restaurant review for you guys finally since I can safely take photos of my food in front of the people I work with. After work, my coworkers and I did a little research about decent restaurants in the area (there really aren't many) and came across Lattitude. It got pretty good reviews on Yelp, and after looking over the menu, we decided it was a must eat. Check out the menu and prepare to drool. I apologize in advance for the crummy pictures, I of course forgot to bring my camera charger this week and my camera was out of juice, so these are all phone pictures.

They had a random dog statue outside, which totally didn't fit with the decor inside, but my coworker wanted to pose with it anyway :)

The restaurant inside seems small at first, but there is actually two rooms. The tables are comfortable, not too close together like a lot of restaurants and the decor is modern. I would have taken a picture of the funky ceiling and lighting, but with it being so dark, I would have drawn a lot of attention to myself...which normally I don't mind, but I don't want to embarass or freak out my coworkers before they are used to my antics. I did get a picture of the funky placemats, which I would love to find for my house.

I started out with a Shipyard pumpkin beer (unpictured). Then to start our gluttony, we ordered two appetizers. First up was the Steak and Cheese Flatbread. This was pretty good, although the steak was a tad dry and the pizza itself a little soggy in the middle, but delicious nonetheless. The other appetizer we got was the Fried Brussel Sprouts with sweet chili aioli. Yes you read that right. What better way to eat a vegetable than to fry it? Hands down, best appetizer I have ever eaten. You know an appetizer is good when the waiters are pushing it like they are crack dealers on a street corner. Hey kids you want to get high?? Eat some fried brussel sprouts! These things should seriously be illegal. The brussel sprouts get you hooked, and then you have to keep coming back to get your fix.

For my entree, I went with the Chili and Cumin Dusted Grilled New York Strip. The steak came with house made applewood smoked bacon mac n cheese and sauteed broccoli rabe. On the menu, the steak also comes with a sunny side up egg, but if I'm ordering steak, I don't really need the protein and I hate runny eggs anyway so I just gave it away.

Something I don't believe I've ever addressed on the blog is that I like my beef medium rare. I always ask for it medium in restaurants though because if I ask for it medium rare, it always comes out rare and I am very against sending food back (I've seen the movie Waiting and I used to be a waitress so I NEVER send food back). Even asking for beef medium, I very rarely get it cooked perfectly. This time I did. Oh. My. Yum.

For dessert, I ordered the Chocolate Tempura Battered Fried Twinkie. Oh yes I did. And you know you're jealous. It is served with moose tracks ice cream. There are no words people. The only complaint I have about this dish, is that you can't taste the cream filling at all. I think that Lattitude should eliminate the ice cream and replace it with a dollop of the cream instead. That would make this the best dessert ever.

Obviously the pictures do not do this restaurant justice. If you are ever in the Springfield area, eat here. I am in Springfield until the week before Christmas and I can guarantee you that I will be back several times. They are going to get to know me personally here. I left fat and happy :)

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