Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Day Streak

One day streak...comes to an end. Tuesday goals not met :( I did not make it to the gym today. And I had 2 desserts. One pumpkin cupcake after lunch and then another one after dinner. But the good news about that is they're gone, so I won't be eating any more this week. I had kind of a rough day today and whenever I have a rough day I don't usually make it to the gym. I actually tend to emotionally eat (hence the second cupcake). Recognizing it is the first step to changing it, right?

Breakfast this morning was a yogurt bowl. In the mix went a container of pineapple chobani, a sprinkling of granola, and half a banana. I ate the other half on the side.

Lunch was turkey meatballs and broccoli in sauce with a sprinkling of parmesan. This meal was super easy since I just pulled the meatballs and the broccoli out of the freezer and microwaved. I hadn't had turkey meatballs in a long time and they tasted really good.

Dinner was a chicken pot pie from Trader Joe's. I must say, I had really high expectations for this pie. I have never actually been that much of a fan of chicken pot pie, but for some reason this caught my eye and decided to give it a try. As much as I love Trader Joe's, this one was a complete miss. There was hardly any vegetables in it, the chicken was really dry, and it didn't really have all that much flavor. I will make my own chicken pot pie next time. 

Aside from the two cupcakes today, I was happy with my eats for the day. Had I known that there weren't that many actual veggies in the chicken pot pie, I would've just had a salad instead, but lesson learned there. Not everything TJ's touches turn to gold. 

Tonight is apparently Val Kilmer night on AMC as Red Planet is on now (yes, I love sci fi movies and I love Val Kilmer) followed by Top Gun! It doesn't get much better than that. Val Kilmer was my favorite Batman prior to Christian Bale. He's made some really great movies and some really bad movies, but I love him all the same.

Who are your favorite actors? I also love Christian Bale, Denzel Washington, Sean Connery...I could go on forever. Oh and anyone that has an accent!

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