Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's Go to the Movies!

Happy day after Thanksgiving bloggies! The boy and I went to the movies Wednesday night (Thursday is typically date night for us, but since it was Thanksgiving, we moved date night to Wednesday). The evening started with him making stir fry for us for dinner (he's getting so much better about cooking) and then we sat down to see what time it was playing. I had voted for Love and Other Drugs and much to my surprise, he agreed to go see it. In looking up times for the movie, I saw a movie called 127 Hours that I hadn't heard of, so we watched the trailor.

I was hooked. It wasn't playing until 10:10, but I was so jazzed about it that I didn't mind waiting and staying up late. It was a holiday after all. We killed some time by going to the mall until it closed and then over to Barnes and Noble for some book browsing and coffee at Starbucks. Finally we headed over to the theatre.

The movie in a nutshell is a true story about a guy who was canyoning and had a rock fall on his arm, trapping him. 127 hours is how long he was trapped, with very little water and eventually resorting to drinking his own urine and in a final desperate attempt at staying alive, chopping his arm off with a pair of pliers and a dull knife. I happen to love survival movies (what movies don't I like actually) and I was absolutely riveted and left the theatre in awe.

The boy asked me later on if I thought there was going to be oscar buzz for James Franco and I said no, basically because it's an independent film and I hadn't even heard about it until we went to check movie times, but then I did a little googling and discovered that yes, it is in fact being talked up for the oscars. After all, there has been basically nothing that has come out this year worth even talking about besides Inception and the Social Network. So here I am trying to generate a little buzz...go see it!

Yesterday morning I made a big breakfast for the boy including chocolate chip pancakes for him and french toast for me, bacon, and orange juice. We weren't eating our big Thanksgiving meals together so I at least wanted us to have a big breakfast to share on Thanksgiving. It was my first time making chocolate chip pancakes and much like anytime with pancakes, the first one is always a "test pancake." As in, I completely mangled it :/ Well the boy wolfed them down so I assume they had to be good.

I needed just a light dinner, being it was Thanksgiving and all, so I just sliced up a sweet potato and some brussel sprouts and threw them in the oven to roast. For dessert (and some protein) I had some tofu pudding with whipped cream. Simple, but delicious.

I even managed to fit in a 2 mile run today. It was short, but I don't get to run during the day very often anymore since it gets dark so early, so I thought I would take advantage. It was a little cold, but the run felt great. I really do love running outside so much more than on the treadmill. It's unfortunate that my running suffers in the winter because of this. I have vowed to be better about it though and run 3 times a week no matter what. Since I'm getting out of work early tomorrow, I will go after work tomorrow as well and then again on Sunday.

How was your Thanksgiving? Are you participating in Black Friday?

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  1. I am staying away from the masses of people out shopping today! A good day to stay in and get cozy, decorate for Christmas and make some good leftover meals!
    TOmorrow we are going to see Burlesque!