Thursday, August 5, 2010

EEK! Bathing Suit Shopping

I went bathing suit shopping last night. Now I know what all you ladies out there are thinking right now...there is nothing worse for a girl's self esteem than going bathing suit shopping. Well surprisingly it really wasn't THAT bad. I've gotten a lot more realistic about my body over the years and have accepted that because I have a large chest, that I am never going to be able to wear most bathing suits, and that finding a bathing suit is going to be extremely difficult for me. I know that they make a lot of bathing suits for large chested women, however, those suits are also for people who are older and fat (no offense to those of you who wear those types of suits) but I am neither old nor fat, I just need a lot of support up top, otherwise I fall out of most suits. I ended up trying on a whole bunch, but only found one that was reasonable attractive. I bought it with the thought that if I don't find anything when I go this weekend, at least I will have one that I feel ok in.

On another note, I signed the lease to my new apartment last night! Very exciting! I can't wait to move! I'm also very excited to be able to paint. I have painted before, but it was a disastrous experience and I realized painting is definitely not my calling, so I'm just going to hire people this time and save myself the agony. I've decided to paint both the livingroom and diningroom a mustard color (think Gluden's, not French's) and maybe paint the livingroom and kitchen at a later date.

Now on to the food ;) Last night's supper was a smoothie from eBar at Nordstrom since I was on the go. I ordered a Tropical Mango with a protein shot and MY was it delicious! I drank that sucker down like it was water! Usually when I drink smoothies that big, I get a little belly bloat after but didn't this time and was very pleased. Typically I don't go to eBar because their coffee is extremely weak, but was randomly craving a smoothie. Intuitive Eating. I went for it.

This morning's breakfast was an egg and cheese on an english muffin from Dunkin's because I realized this morning I had no clean bowls and yes I am that lazy that I would rather drive to Dunkin Donuts, wait in line for a sandwich, and eat in the car on the way to work then spend the 2 minutes it would take to clean a bowl. Don't judge me.

Lunch today is TBD. I'm going home at lunch to check the mail and see if my check from John Hancock has FINALLY arrived. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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