Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lara Bar Mission: Epic Win!

Happy Saturday! I know I haven't blogged on the weekends at all due to my computer up and dying on me, but yesterday I went out and bought myself a new computer! Yes friends, I decided to join the cult known as the apple family. I bought a macbook. I must be 100% honest. I'm in love with this machine. There really is nothing else like it. I have never loved a computer this much. As Jay calls them, I am now officially an apple fangirl ;) Here is my new baby, along with my pretty new pink case :)

So now I get to blog on the weekends again, YAY! So back to what this blog is really supposed to be about...cookies! This morning I went to Target early to get some things and decided I was hungry so grabbed an Apple Pie Lara it has been a while since I've had a Lara Bar and forgot how good they were. Which sent me on a mission when I got bored an hour ago. Off to Whole Foods to locate the new flavors that the blog universe has been aflame about. Mission accomplished! The Whole Foods in Winchester had both...and of course being the easily excitable type, I got seduced by the wide selection of Lara Bars that you can only find at Whole Foods and went a little crazy, including buying a BOX of the Apple Pie flavor because it happens to be my favorite of the ones I've tried. This picture is evidence of my overindulgence in Lara Bars...

11 Lara Bars pictured...minus a Cinnamon Roll that I devoured minutes before this photo was taken. The Cinnamon Roll was good, but really the smell was better than the actual bar. It really did smell like a Cinnamon Roll and while it was tasty, I still prefer the Apple Pie. I will be breaking into the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough tomorrow morning and will let you know what I think.

While I was at Target also, of course I was seduced by a box of cookies. This particular box was Archer Farms Mint Chocolate Covered Wafer cookies. I looked at the nutritionals and was excited by 140 calories for 10 cookies. Score! But alas, when I opened the box, the "cookies" were roughly the size of a quarter. Fail :( And they weren't that great. I hate it when I'm really looking forward to a cookie and I get disappointed. Oh well. There is always tomorrow ;)

For the rest of today's eats, I had a bunch of cold chicken breast and a banana for lunch. For dinner I had some of the leftover caprese I made the other day that actually gets better every day that it sits due to the mingling of flavors and the absorption of the oil and spices into the pasta. Yum. And of course the cinnamon roll lara bar for dessert. I'm off to bed soon as I have to be up early tomorrow for a hike. Goodnight everyone!


  1. I also purchase apple pie by the box! I've tried the cookie dough, a little chalky for my liking... the Coconut cream pie though, delightful! A must try!!

  2. I will try that one, but I'm only 50/50 on coconut most of the time. I went to Whole Foods again last night and bought a whole bunch more and the cashier asked me if i had a lara bar problem. why yes, yes i do. thanks for noticing it and calling attention to it in the checkout line with tons of people around. score one for the cashier guy.