Monday, August 9, 2010

Where Did My Weekend Go???

Happy Monday friends! Actually no, there is nothing happy about Mondays. But on the bright side, I only have to work two days this week before I am off to the Dominican!!! I haven't even started packing yet and still have yet to find a good bathing suit...but at this point who cares? I'm going away and I'm going to have fun :)

So for the weekend...Friday night was spent doing a little shopping. Saturday I drove up to my lovely hometown of Wolfeboro to see little Felix...such a cutie. Well worth the six hour drive round trip since Briar forgot to tell me it was the street fair this past weekend.  Sunday was a little bit more shopping and then the Ke$ha/Rihanna concert at the Comcast Center. Ke$ha was surprisingly good and Rihanna was excellen t even though she was late and there was 90 minutes between sets...but she made up for it by going over even though they fine you for that so good for her! Way to please your fans. Very few artists would have done that.

As for eats so far today, I had my new staple of oatmeal with nutella mixed in and for lunch I had leftover pizza from Bertuccis (last night's dinner with the fuzz). Dinner tonight will be on the go, most likely a smoothie, as I am headed back to the mall for my last ditch effort at finding a good bathing suit. Wish me luck!

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