Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saint Anthony's Feast

Leaves are falling :( On my way home from spin class this morning I drove through a rain shower of falling leaves and while it was really pretty, it made me really sad. I love fall, I really do, but I hate winter, and the approach of fall also means the approach of winter. Yuck. But on the bright side, today was Saint Anthony's Feast! As a foodie, I love this event for all of the vendors that line the streets selling the most heavenly food on earth.

I attended Saint Anthony's Feast with my loves Danielle and Mike, two authentic Italians unlike myself who I knew would appreciate all the food as much, if not more, than me. Plus they are great company :)

Of course it was 95 degrees out and crowded as hell, but well worth the trip! We started out with some chocolate covered oreos which didn't last long enough to take a photo...sorry I was slacking on that one! It was hot and crowded and I was just anxious to start the feasting! Next up was some gnocchi and rice balls. The gnocchi were soft pillows of deliciousness and the rice balls were yummy fried balls of rice and meat slathered with sauce. I will understand if you need to walk away for a minute to keep from drooling on your keyboard...

Next up was the Italian Sausage. How can you go to any Italian event and not get an Italian Sausage? I really only eat these once a year so when I do I want it to be GOOD. Well this one certainly was. I would've actually preferred a little more peppers and a little less onion, but still unbelievable.

To complement an already mouth watering barrage of food, what better way to end then with a cup of gelato? Oh yes I did. I went with the capuccino of course.

After we stuffed ourselves to capacity, we took a little stroll around the block and stumbled upon the parade! I actually thought we had missed it, but we were lucky enough to catch the tail end.

At this point we had all sweated enough so decided to head back to the train and head home to veg out in the AC. Oh AC is the best thing on EARTH when it's hot like this. Thank god I decided to wear shorts! Before we boarded the train, we took one last photo of Danielle and me all sweaty, full, and completely exhausted :)

Big smiles ended immediately after this photo was taken when Danielle realized she had a stowaway on her purse...a cockroach! The sucker was huge and was FAST. Ew ew ew. Yet another reason to avoid public transportation if you can. Aside from the residual creepy crawlies that I'm feeling because of that thing, we had a great time and I can't wait to go again next year!

What is your favorite greasy food from festivals, carnivals, etc.?

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