Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photoless :(

Hi friends! I must apologize for my lack of pictures. I've mostly been taking photos with my phone due to my cramped living situation...but the move is next week and I'm back to having my own space (and desk) again so I fully intend to up the amount and quality of my picture taking for you guys!

So my workout plan for last night flew out the window first because of the rain. I switched my planned track workout to a power yoga class (which truthfully I needed because my legs were sore and could really have used a good stretching session) but then it stopped raining (FINALLY) and I decided to revive the track idea...however, as I was driving by the track on my way home to change I saw that there was some sort of practice going on at the track :( Luckily, Jimmy agreed to repeat my 4 mile run from the night before, so I got another 4 mile run in! I know I know, I'm going from 0 to 60 here with the running thing, but it just feels so good to be back into it that I couldn't help myself. Last night's run was a little slower than the night before just because I had Jimmy with me and he is not a runner, so we took a total of 4 walk breaks instead of the 2 I took the night before. We still finished well under an hour though so I was happy with that :)

Breakfast today was the usual (I promise I will be getting more creative with breakfast too) of oatmeal with protein powder and a scoop of nutella. Lunch today is a favorite of mine courtesy of my friend Steve...basil fried chicken! Yum! Not the healthiest, but still not too bad as it is made with brown rice and the chicken is not breaded. It's spicy and delicious and I'm salivating already thinking about it. Rumor has it I may or may not also have a surprise coming from Konditormeister (local and most delicious bakery on EARTH) so I'm excited :) See you after lunch!

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